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Preston Reid Jul 2021
I hope I live again
this world or the next
In this time or another
In whatever body or form
Just with the smallest chance
To meet you again
To look into your beautiful eyes
To have another chance
So i live in this life
Hoping that there’s a next
With that slightest chance
To hold you close
Once again
This life or the next I always meant what I said
“Always and forever”
Preston Reid Dec 2020
I already have a broken heart
  yet with this heart
I will never part
with it in pieces like a freshly opened puzzle
you changed my point of view you
showed me with every piece there's a story
not a failure
ahhh Idk if this is good
Preston Reid Nov 2020
The fear to lose you
in a blink of an eye  
faster then I said I love you  
faster then I decided nothing else matters
but you
without you
I don't get to see that smile
I don't get to see the way you walk when you are happy
or hold your face
Without you
there's no "okay"
Preston Reid Oct 2020
making bad decisions is my whole brand  
no matter the day
no matter the weather
I make bad decisions knowing what I'm doing
and it could be the self-destruction I long for
it could be the stupid smile they put on there stupid face that says they love me that leads me down a rabbit hole of pain
chains linking me to my incompetence
the gun I put to my head to say "I'm okay"
but the choice I made this time
might be one of my best but we shall see
Isn’t that right love?
Preston Reid Oct 2020
Look me in the eye and tell me your okay
because the tears are there behind those beautiful eyes and intoxicating smile of yours  
under lock and key and guarded like the most important secrets
but I'm gonna work for that key and I'm gonna gain the trust of that guard maybe take over his shift because he needs the rest
everyone needs a break
you included love.
Preston Reid Sep 2020
I wanna love
I know its everyone's dream or most of the population  
but I'm too hard to love in this state my emotions twist and turn like the streets of this city this big city of lovestruck teens but hey
everyone looks a different way to a different person I'm a pit stop among the long road of amazing sights and amazing people
but hey at least i give my all right?
even if i get shot down as soon as i get to that happy place because maybe i don't deserve it or maybe I'm doing something wrong
and maybe just maybe i try to hard
don't chase just wait
idek where I am at that
Preston Reid Aug 2020
“Everyone has there addiction “
I was told by my father of a ride home after a long weekend and it stuck with me as if everyone is struggling with something it helped ease some anxiety and my dads were drugs and my moms the finding my pain calming to her knowing she caused some of it and mine well was far worse they would say as if I didn’t know and whenever I had a chance to satisfy my urges I would because I had nothing to lose except my life and of course that was my goal
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