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Jul 2020
I beg on my knees
For people to stay
The people I want to stay the most
Are the ones I am better without
Please don't go
Is what I have said to people I thought were my forever
Please don't break my heart
I am done begging
For the attention, you don't want to give
Don't give me hope
I give 100 percent to people
Make time for them
Comfort them
But who's there when life hits me
I have my amazing family
But I only want to tell them so much
Music is key
Writing poetry is great
It's words that you truly feel
It ***** when everything around you is great
But mentally you feel off
I feel broken
Even though you could look at my life
And say what does she have to be sad about
I wish I knew why I feel so sad
I'm tired
Nothing really interests me anymore
The things I once loved I don't anymore
I am going to bring back that happy girl
She is somewhere
I will fight to be happy again
There will be no more confusion with my tiredness and sadness
Written by
HeyitsAngel  19/F
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