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Jul 2020
At the end of it all,
no matter how many good days,
bad days,
amazing days.
Everything will always be tainted.
No matter how many other words you fix to me,
Wife, mother, lover,
Almost will always follow,
hiding in the shadows.
I will always be,
the girl you almost loved
more than anything.
The woman who almost,
meant the world to you.
The thing you almost,
attached yourself to.
The person you almost let in.
The one who almost got picked.
But barriers run deep and long,
You pick your priorities,
and I convince myself what I can live with.
You dig both of our graves.
Because you,
You will always be the man,
I almost completely forgave.
The man I almost believed.
The man who almost convinced me
of how much they loved me.
The one who almost showed me,
how true their love was.
And as the days go by,
the will turn to years,
and we will have a whole life,
built on the foundation of almosts.
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