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Sep 18 · 27
Nishi Sep 18
My traits are not tht impressive
As i have foibles in life
But the vigour i have
To accept my own imperfections
Is far more better than being a charlatan
Jul 19 · 255
Nishi Jul 19
We were just strangers
Strangers we never knew
We were in different worlds
In worlds we never knew

God blessed us
He made a miracle,
he made us meet each other
miraculously fall in love

finally i realized
i found the one
You were destined to be my love
And me to be your Amour

fate is destiny
destiny is fate
my love for you is not fake
my love,so don't be afraid
Jul 2 · 29
You are the only one
Nishi Jul 2
You are the only one still i love
you are the only one still i dream of
You are the only one still i hope for
You are only one still makes my heart flutter

You are the only one still i remember
You are the only one still i call pepper
You are only one still is my weakness
You are only one still im searching for

Time has long gone for our reconciliation
Time has long gone,u may hv forgetten me
Time has long gone,may be you are someone else's
Time has long gone,but im still in the same place
May 3 · 49
Two loves
Nishi May 3
Two loves trying to win my heart
Both loves are deep and strong
Each one have unlike in character
Both are obsessed to court
Both are good in different manner
But falling in love again is hard

One is like a whole kingdom
feisty and too flirty
His wealth is too much but appealing
And his heart is made out of gold
His looks are enchanting
Everytime he converse
I feel like he is too much for me
He is trying so hard to win my heart
Showing off his fortune and ardour

Other one is simple and direct
Not forcing me to be his love
But working so much on winning my heart
In a respectful and polite way
When he converse he is sane and amusing
Impressive his looks are to me
With a chubby face and cute aspect
Not showing off what he has
But swank it in a different plan
When u don't know whome to choose
Mar 6 · 98
Permanent love
Nishi Mar 6
Even if u betrayed me,
I wish best for you n her,
But honestly im bit jealous of her,
But also glad tht she keeps u happy
You were once mine and now u are hers,
It made me realise ur love was nt permanent

You are a miracle which came into my life,
in an unexpected moment,
You are tht miracle which made me
This independent girl today
I want you to know,
You were a blessing in disguise,
Thtz why salt become so strong today

Aftr some years i wish,
U may become a memory,
But the most precious memory of mine ,
Which would always remind me,
You are the only one i truly loved n it always will be
Becuz Pepper boo,my love is permanent
Which no one can erase even if i die
Salt = me
Pepper boo = my ex
Love is eternal even after a betrayal
Feb 8 · 49
Nishi Feb 8
Thousands of men
Showing interest
Thousands of men
Seeking love
None of them
Can win my heart
But my heart is still lost
With you, I'll never can have
Feb 1 · 73
Nishi Feb 1
Love is lovely
Love is passionate
Love is blissful
Love is beautiful
Love is the happiness
Love is the blindness
Love has no limitations
Love is strong attraction
Love is what we all desire
Love is what we all deserve
Without love there's no existence
Love is the true lavish
Lavish of amorous feelings
Love is so beautiful with the person who truly loves
Jan 23 · 144
No reason to despair
Nishi Jan 23
I moved on
It was not easy
I wonder,why i had to feel gloomy,
When i did nothing wrong

I was always worthy
I was always honest
I was always loving
I was always caring

I did so much for us
in return i got hoaxed
But whenever i think of me
I wonder why i have to be brood

I was flawless till end
I was astonishing and profound
So when i think of myself
I see,there is no reason to despair
Just realized life is full of blessings and shouldn't be unhappy for the things we couldn't achieve in life..because god never give us something which is not matching to our lives..nature gives us the best things which we deserve at the right time
Jan 23 · 32
Nishi Jan 23
Im still searching for the answers,
For your silence,
For your left ,
For your betrayal.
You loved me like heaven,
Is it to make me realize,
That love is an illusion?
I got lost with your smile,
I got lost with your innocence,
I thought you are sincere,
I thought your love was real.
But why deceived me,
Rejected me with no excuses?
How could you be so cruel
To drive away my amour?
Jan 22 · 130
I don't know
Nishi Jan 22
I don't know whether  im chasing a mirage
I don't know what to do
I don't understand which decision i should take
To make him fall in love again
Time is so cruel
We were so good together
I really don't know what happened
Why he suddenly changed
Im sure i did nothing wrong
But still he is away
I don't  know why he is avoiding me
I don't know what's the truth
All i sense,he is with a karmic
But i wonder that im the karmic
Im so confused with his silence
Once i wished to be his twin flame
As i thought he was the one
But now i don't know why i doubt
Is this a nightmare i see
Or is this the reality
That he is betraying me?
Fear to face reality and poor in taking decisions..all i can do i making these poems to gain a temporary peace
Jan 20 · 38
Still haunting inide
Nishi Jan 20
The love i always dreamt of
Was always with me
We were so playful like kids
Regardless of any boundaries
We seemed to be the perfect couple
And you seemed to be my man

A storm came up
Which made all messed up
And you were fed up
Your feelings for me is now changed

Still im thinking
What i did wrong
Still u are ghosting me
I don't know why

Lovable memories are still haunting
Painful and unbearable
Confused with reality
Eventhough everything is clear

I see you are with someone else
But still i don't admit it
Deep inside my heart i know
How much we loved back then
Love is so deep and hard to understand
Jan 18 · 110
Why i love him
Nishi Jan 18
He is simple and silent
He is gentle and humble
Strong and handsome
Born with a soft heart
Sometimes mysterious
eerie and weird
Sometimes proud and solitude
When he is with me
He is sweet and joy
He smiles alot
Talkative and unbiased
To me he is perfect
To me he is my world
To me he is my precious
Because why i love him is for no reason
Love#unconditional#strong feeling

— The End —