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Dec 2019
oh you poor thing,
with so much hate and bitterness in your small heart.
it's sad, seeing you constantly loathing.
doesn't it get tiring? i wonder.
when everyone learns and moves on,
you remain and persist,
like raging acne on a hormonal teen.
in the gates of closure you sit,
preventing progress.
does this bring you pleasure?
if it does, how disappointing,
that you feed off the "hurt" that people feel from your poisonous words.
like a child, you gossip,
and like adults, people continue on with their lives.
you act like you're on a moral high ground,
yet, you've done things more heinous than anyone i know.
in a few years, those you've ******,
would've grown into better people.
but, oh not poor you,
still clinging onto the past.
peace and tranquility,
it's something you should try sometime.
or maybe to put it more bluntly,
don't be such a **** human being.
don't be a bully guys!!! ****
Written by
elysian  21/F/arcadia
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