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Nov 2019
write to me in shadowy kisses
code your desire with over punctuation
pause me in the wink of your comma
dot your I's with little heart-*****

long hand me dark printed innuendos
quick to the ways of wickedness
showing off your double entendresΒ 
making me lick between the lines
whilst ******* your tight margins

spilling the nights succulent obscenities
wet in vanishing ******* dry ink
letting your words drip me a fantasy
revealed in the fingerprint heat
of midnight edible *******Β 

as your quill falls in free verse
aventures pulling your hair back
flower dancing me a peek-a-boo show
over indulge fonting me with calligraphy
your signature *** gripping graffiti

tagging my canvas as your ****** art
leaving me violated-satisfied
in black leather and lace
tied to every tongued soaked syllable
swaying your skimpy fairytale bent over ending
Written by
Matthew  52/M/Michigan
     Carlo C Gomez, L B and ---
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