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Nov 2019
I'm not in a hurry
to meet the better part of me

I mean it's a journey
a... self discovery

take it slow,
     after all

you can't get a glimpse
of your face in the mirror
if you run past it in terror

Try and...

Think of the bad
 as a bitter poison
  that we drink so that soon,
hopefully... we become immune
to the toxins in our own head
or risk further blood shed

the choice is yours
fight the wars in your mind
and maybe you'll find a better way
or live in your own turmoil
6 feet beneath the soil
This to me is the struggle to accept yourself as you are , and trying to contend with the things you hate about yourself that plague your mind , the truth is a bitter poison, and so is insecurity and any other battle you have raging on inside your head each day, but regardless of what the battle it is, the result is death if you lose, death of the version of you , you could become , death of  your emotions or I'm some cases literal death. But not all wars need to be fought sometimes we can walk around the war zone.
William de klerk
Written by
William de klerk  18/M/South Africa
(18/M/South Africa)   
   BR Dragos
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