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Jul 23
gaining grips on lost guesses,
for guesses are the best we can say
our mays have ever pluralized,
in reality
as we say amen
ams or weres being
obediant to
some simple law in a mind atuned to

things made of stuff for which we have no name
maybees are maybe or may
mere guesses, or worse, they may
be lies,
hidden under robes and hats worn once
only by the wise
A cool humid morning, in a valley whose floor is higher than the Empire State Building, , by half a mile. I am a very rich man. I have coffee, sticky sativa and abeautiful woman who has leved me and loved me and loved me this long. 2 poems, this one secret.
Ken Pepiton
Written by
Ken Pepiton  71/M/Pine Valley CA
(71/M/Pine Valley CA)   
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