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May 2019
To all who have something to say…

Don’t talk to me! Don’t talk to me!
I’m busy, can’t you understand?
Just go away and let me be,
Some peace and quiet would be grand!

Leave me alone, I must have peace, you think this poem will write itself?
If that’s the case, then why is it not  printed, bound and on my shelf?

Leave me alone, for goodness sake! My genius is seldom enacted,
Though my mind is brilliant! It is easily distracted…

Stop that racket! With all that noise, it’s impossible to think!
For my mind is like a battleship, the slightest sound will sink!

I heard that! Do you think I’m dumb? I’m sitting just right over there!
I’m making some world changing art, doesn’t anybody care?!

Now all is still, at last there’s peace, so good of them to try it,
But I’m still stuck, I wonder why? It must be too **** Quiet‼
Sometimes it’s hard to be inspired, and the words can feel like cinder blocks you have to lift over your head. At this stage, every distraction is like a tremor knocking down your little cinderblock wall, but don’t be an ***! If it’s not happening, then stop. Poetry which demands to be written is only difficult technically, not conceptually.
Josiah Israel
Written by
Josiah Israel  Michigan
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