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Mar 2019
Mother, mother
I wanted to tell you.
Of all the heart aches and tearful nights I've had
and you never noticed.
Mother, I'm breaking.
Mother, I'm shaking.
Oh Mother, I'm the son you never acknowledged.
Mother this world is corrupting me.
I tried to be the good child
you raised.
To live in peace and harmony and to love others with all my heart.
But I'm tearing myself apart.
I'm falling apart at the seams.
And it's all I can do to keep myself together.
Mother it's getting harder to drag myself out of bed.
Mother, I'm drinking the pain away.
Mother, I'm starting to drown.
Mother, I need someone.
Mother, please save me.
Mother... It's over. I'm through. I've had enough.
I'm damaged. They've damaged me, mother.
Good night, mother, Good bye. I love you. I'm sorry..
Matthew Vargas
Written by
Matthew Vargas  16/Trans Male
(16/Trans Male)   
     Empire and Jules
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