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Feb 10
Love Haiku

Jake Cosmos Aller


1. Thursday Evening
2. Waking Up to No You
3. One Moment, One day
4. You Are My Angel
5. Saying Goodbye for Now
6. Know I Must Say I do
7. I Can Not Get Rid
8. I Float Here and There
9. You Are My Everything
10. One Night in Lithia Springs
11. One Night I Dreamt of You
12. Where do you and I
13. Dream Girl Hanibun
14. Living with Pain Hanibun
15. Hiking Hills of My Youth Hanibun

Thursday Evening
Thursday early evening
Thinking dark thoughts only you
Can you cure these thoughts?

Waking Up to No You

Waking up to no you
Absent in my bed at night
Absent from my dreams

One Moment, One Day

One moment, one day
You walked out of my nightmares
And swept into life

You Are My Angel

You are my Angel
Sent from God up in heaven
To conquer my life  

Saying Goodbye for Now

Saying goodbye now
Is the hardest thing to do
But I must do it

Know I Must Say I do

I know I must say I do
But I don't want to today
Just don't have the strength

I Can Not Get Rid

I cannot get rid  
This angel haunting my soul
Seeing your face in the sky

I Float Here and There

I float here and there
Neither here nor there tonight
Tomorrow will be

You Are My Everything

You are my everything
All my hopes and dreams
Haunting my nights

One Night in Lithia Springs

One night in Lithia Springs
We soaked away our painful life
And again fell in Love

One Night I Dreamt of You
One night I dreamt of you
For seven years I dreamt of you
Until you walked into my life

Where do you and I

Where do you and I
Where do you begin to end
Where do I belong

Meeting Dream Girl

I first dreamt of Angela when I was but a lad of 17 living in Berkeley, California.  It was 1974 and life seemed full of possibilities in that magical year the tail end of the fabled 60’s.

  I fell asleep that fateful day in a boring Physics class. I woke up seeing the most beautiful women in the world looking at me.  I was shocked and did not know what to say.

She spoke to me in a strange language but somehow, I knew that someday we were to be together. I just knew that I would meet the girl in the dream. It was love at first sight.  She disappeared and I fell to the floor yelling, “who are you?”

Then I started having the same dream month after month for seven long years.  I had to decide where to go in the Peace Corps and chose to go to Korea because I knew she would be there.  I looked for her every day knowing that someday she would walk out of my dreams and into my life.

Then one day I had the last dream.  She walked off the bus in front of me.  I was shocked did not know what to say and she smiled at me melting my heart away.  I got her number agreed to meet the next day.  

She came to my class room and we talked at length.
She was madly in love with me and she had to have me.  I told her I felt the same way.  We married two months later.  And that was the beginning of 35 years of happiness.

When I first saw you
Standing on the hot roadway
I knew life began

That was the end game
The beginning of my life with you
A journey with you
senryu and hanibun  based on my true love story. details can be found on my web page
Written by
jake aller  63/M/incheon, south Korea
(63/M/incheon, south Korea)   
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