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Feb 5
How do you know who cares and who doesn't,
Who's your aquantince and who's your friend,
A friend will always choose to show their love,
Making you feel happy a common trend.
They will give advice that you need to hear,
Whether you like what they say or not,
They will give you a shoulder to cry on,
They should be making you laugh alot.
Does their presence make you burst with joy,
Or simply make you wish life to go on,
They should give you comfort from dawn to dusk,
And make you feel welcome from dusk to dawn.
Sometimes there's rough times that lead to dismay,
This could possibly lead to a fallout,
With fake friends that you thought would always stay,
True friends will always stay without a doubt.
If they do care, then how much and how deep,
Both your carings should grow and amass,
Does their caring show in dreams during sleep,
Does their caring show from future to past.
Can you look back on times when they were there,
Look forward and know that they will be,
Reminisce in memories you share,
Share secrets to whatever degree.
Trust in them to the fullest extent,
And long for their elating presence,
Hear what they say and understand what they meant,
Show compassion in indubious pleasance.
Would they cry and feel pain if you died,
Would they go through the ultimate strife,
Would their agony fill to the ceiling,
Would they eventually take their own life.
Never take a true friend for granted,
They are more rare than you would ever think,
Be there and care for the ones you love,
For you could loose them within a blink.
There they go.
Written by
Sketcher  17/M/Seattle, Washington
(17/M/Seattle, Washington)   
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