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May 2020 · 95
Ego Fade
Sketcher May 2020
As last month came to a finish,
I felt my ego diminish,
Another layer shaved off,
Of my identity.
Now I feel closer to truth,
And I let the being move,
Dodging corona coughs,
With simplicity.

I live by the bliss,
Of "It is what it is",
Negating the strife,
While I sit in quarantine and rhyme.
I wish that everyone saw,
With the eyes God had brought,
To my comfortable life,
In this fearful time.
May 2020 · 83
Sketcher May 2020
Undeniably the greatest annoyance in my perceivable existence,
Someone take him by the arm cause he's gonna need some assistance,
When he figures out he can't resist this way I spit fire with supersonic consistence,
I would go full force on him, but his dad does that enough,
I'm talking 'bout when he gets beat with the belt, and the **** stuff,
He sits in his depression on his phone, waiting for a friend to holla,
Or when his dad leaves and he's all alone, he moans, getting licked on his **** by his dog Nala,
Eventually he meets up with his inferior faggoty friend who's hair is **** brown and reddish,
Then they be off ******* each other's toes cause his whole God awful *******,
I almost killed him once, on a four wheeler, driving full throttle,
He almost killed himself once, getting beat after taking a **** in a shampoo bottle,
His abuse complex with his dad isn't escapable,
So he attempts to take his anger out on the masses,
Although he was properly educated and capable,
In high school, he ended up taking four special ed classes,
In the special ed wing,
I'd catch him talking to some girls,
He called "pretty things",
And he took the hand of my world,
Yes, tried a hand at my girl,
So I took a right swing,
At his jaw and he swirled,
Back to his thotty boys,
And makeup-caked girls,
This bisexual *****,
Has another thing coming,
If he thinks he's *******,
For my ***,
Cause the only time I finish last in this world,
Is when I'm on top of MY girl, *******.
May 2020 · 77
Roses Burn Black
Sketcher May 2020
The roses burn black,
The violets are dead,
This **** girl,
Won't get out of my head.
I hit the sack,
Out in the shed,
No roof, so the stars,
Reflect off my bed.
My heart has a crack,
But only the one,
The roses burn black,
While the heart goes numb.
May 2020 · 81
"That" Shed
Sketcher May 2020
The path to the shed completely untouched,
Her footprints still engraved in the soot,
The best possible privacy, although it wasn't much,
Unto this day, those walls stay put.
The blanket remained splayed on the wobbly table,
Candles for wax play set off to the side,
Glorious memories and unwanted fables,
Collect in the walls, in the walls they hide.
May 2020 · 54
From Mouth To Eyes
Sketcher May 2020
Absolutely no hostility,
Perceived when she speaks,
Lovely letters spill down,
Into little sentence creeks,
The arch in her gaping smile,
Produces dimples in her cheeks,
Whenever anguish arrives,
Her elation is what I seek,
Her brightly glowing soul,
Reflects the shining sky,
Leaving depression tears,
Destroyed and vaporized,
So whenever I appear sad,
Know I'm just a guy,
That is crying ecstasy...
The result of her soft eyes.
May 2020 · 57
Sketcher May 2020
She texted me...
Told me she was scared,
Said that the world was against her,
And life was unfair,
I asked why...
And if she was okay,
She said, "No,
I've been wearing a fake smile all day,,
Today was supposed to be my day,
But my parents started arguing,
Mainly about forgetting certain gifts,
At the Bargain Bin."
It was all down hill from there,
But I let her finish,
She told me her troubles and I said,
"I'll be there in a minute",
It took me an hour,
To drive to her house,
It took a while to get there,
Although I took the fastest route,
When I pulled in,
I was afraid I was too late,
For she had a history,
Of negative mental states,
But I walked into her house,
And then walked into her room,
And acted as the man,
That could see her darkness loom,
I picked her up of her bed,
And then gave her a hug,
Then put her back down,
And tucked her in snug,
I sat at the edge of her bed,
And listened with a smile,
As she talked and talked and talked,
For a very long while,
As the night went on,
A certain tension rose,
She asked for one last hug,
But then she held me close,
For longer than intended,
She didn't let me leave,
So I had laid by her side,
And we both fell asleep.
May 2020 · 58
Stop It
Sketcher May 2020
It's apparent a parent would glare at their transparent impairments. A viral mimicry, a parrot, coughing into their coffin, barfing leads to causing unstopping hand washing. Watching the currently conceived serene scene to see if they been seen. Stop it.
May 2020 · 52
Trigger Warning Diss
Sketcher May 2020
I don't wanna get personal and hurt anyones feelings,
So I spit disses at myself, while I'm kneeling here revealing,
My ego towards the audience,
Take shots if you must,
Aim straight towards the body and,
Unveil my disgust,
Get personal and deep,
Like I'm a ******* creep,
That masturbates to pictures,
Of my sister while she sleeps,
I've got **** covered shoulders,
Acne on my back,
Incisors, canines, molars,
Covered all in plaque,
Had a *****, bu I told her,
To go make a stack,
Now in bed, I feel colder,
Cause she's never coming back,
She's out in town, feeling older,
Showing of her rack,
Gang banged by some soldiers,
That ****, then call her fat...
I had it all,
A nice ***** to satisfy every fetish,
Until I showed my insecurities,
And showed that I was jealous,
Then she held the power,
And broke us apart,
And I shattered to pieces,
And deserted my heart,
Now I take up the art,
Of writing poetry,
But that won't fill my cart,
With essential groceries,
And I'm unmotivated,
And way too lazy,
Anxiety dominated,
And ******* crazy,
Probably going legit insane,
With these "facts" my father put up in my brain,
Knowing you're thinking of a ******* shoe brand,
Whenever someone says my name,
Probably getting pretty annoyed,
When I just bought this ***** a "toy",
And she turns to me, acting all coy,
Asking if I know any cute boys,
I'll never amount to anything,
Mentally or physically,
Because I won't put in the effort,
And I'll just watch time killing me,
Waiting for the final year,
The final day, the final hour,
Or maybe offing myself,
With this depression looming over me like a tower.
I'm done.
May 2020 · 52
Reality's Brink
Sketcher May 2020
As I sit and think,
I reach the brink,
Of mental exhaustion,
Not heeding to caution,
All the pain in my head,
I'm reaching the limit,
Of life and death,
And the reality gimmick,
Everything is perfectly placed,
Yet nothing has meaning,
I feel disgraced,
Yet I have no feeling,
When my thoughts grow larger,
The nerve receptors break,
Not tempting to barter,
With whatever makes,
Other portions,
Of consciousness spark,
There's no assortment,
We're just one part,
Floating in the void,
The vast nothingness,
Defined as girls ad boys,
And transgenders bluffing it,
All identities breaking,
Anf omring stronger bonds,
To another unreal self,
Lounging on the lawn,
Sipping a cup,
Of unsweetened tea,
And diving further,
Into reality.
May 2020 · 50
The Pit Less Taken
Sketcher May 2020
I sit and think,
And sink in pits,
Of **** and stink,
While they throw fits,
Yet I'm content,
From day to day,
And whatever is meant,
For me today,
Will come out,
Of my hushed mouth,
The word will be spread,
From North to South,
So if you decide,
To join in this pit,
Then open wide,
And taste the ****.
May 2020 · 41
The Path Less Taken
Sketcher May 2020
******* falling bricks,
Knock me to the track,
So I get the mud-view.
There is so much ****,
Pulling, holding me back,
From telling you, "I love you."
Bricks made of ego,
And track made of mud,
So the path I take,
Doesn't reduce the thud,
Of trauma to the head,
And boil to the blood,
So I wish for death,
Until the final fiery flood.
May 2020 · 57
Star Gazing
Sketcher May 2020
Into the dark sky,
I can see far,
To the birds that fly,
To the twinkling stars,
To burning Venus,
To freezing mars,
Then I'm back,
In my car,
Flipped and drunk,
And full of scars,
In the ditch,
Off the tar,
Wet cement didn't,
Get me very far,
Dissociated loon,
Gazing at stars.
May 2020 · 41
The Door of Fear
Sketcher May 2020
Fear is a wooden door,
That I like to open,
In my head, it's stored,
And the lock is broken,
I have never opened,
The door all the way,
Just a crack, hoping,
The other side will convey,
The smallest amount,
Of unneeded fear,
To race my heart without,
Death seeming near,
Sometimes, when I'm away,
The door starts to open,
A creepy creature may,
Try to arise unspoken,
An eerie specimen,
Creeping through the door,
Appearing as a vessel in,
The form of a *****,
A gilded demon,
The epitome of fear,
A panic attacking seeming,
To ever draw near,
Luckily, I'm in the mind,
So this **** can't hurt me,
I just have to wait blind,
Until this thing deserts me,
I start to wonder why,
I every peer in the first place,
At the other side,
When I know that my worst days,
Are full of things,
That show impending doom,
Cause that door brings,
Fear from a room,
Made of nothingness,
A chilling disgust,
But if I can't trust in this,
What can I trust?
When my mind is all,
That I've ever known,
How can the mental king,
Vacate his mental throne?
May 2020 · 51
Not Insane
Sketcher May 2020
I feel like if I was insane,
That would mean that I am sane,
Cause I'm so far out of it,
That I doubt that I'm in brain,
Still caught up in my mind,
Which is fine,
Cause diving times arise,
When reminiscing on my life,
I'm out of the box,
Shot straight past the membrane,
That voice in my head,
Has been tamed,
Killed dead,
And then framed,
For ****** of self,
Like ego death,
So no shame,
For everything he did,
And everything he will do,
So if you catch the *******,
Or he psychologically screws you,
Know the test still lingers,
And he's bringing up old news,
Learn from the anger,
Or learn from the cold blues,
So now you know that he has no constraints,
And by him of course, I mean me,
Although I'm feeling 'out of sane',
I'm insane psychologically,
Medication, Risperdal,
Slight sedation, off the wall,
Abilify, Invega, Clorazil,
**** it, down another pill,
Pepsi, coke, sugar, cane,
Now you know I'm out sane.
May 2020 · 82
Sketcher May 2020
I hug them close, day after day,
And they hate when I start to pull away,
And they pull back tighter and tell me to stay,
And I'm at a loss for words, not knowing what to say,
All of her emotions are on display,
Which makes her glow like a ray,
Of sunshine in early May,
Outshining my soul enshrouded in gray,
Warming me, making me melt like clay,
Deeper into her arms, I pleasantly decay,
Making me feel lighter than a feathers weight,
Making the universe let me know it's all okay.
Sketcher May 2020
I used to make you feel like a terrible person,
For choking on the marijuana smoke,
Knowing that your lungs would slowly worsen,
The smoke fog covering you like a cloak,
Now I am aware that I had a worse addiction,
I was addicted to the love you gave me,
Which was perfectly fine, but the real affliction,
Was that I didn't love you, you weren't my baby,
I thought I loved you, but I was just attached,
I didn't understand or accept you,
For eight months, it was the longest crash,
Cause not once did I truly respect you,
I wouldn't let you,
Hang out with friends,
Trying to protect you,
Which was wrong,
Except you,
Smoked your ****,
And got high,
With some guys,
And kinda,
Just let 'em slip,
Into your ******,
I deserved it, but *****,
You should've broke up with me first,
Should've just ended that eight month curse,
Or maybe at any point communicated,
Since I sincerely thought I was educated,
Regarding relationships,
But you never threw a single fit,
When I objectified you,
I never lied to you,
That was your bad habit,
But the reason why we split,
Really wasn't that elaborate,
I'm happier now,
And I hope you are too,
Now that you lived through me,
I see through a new view,
A healthier one,
One of respect,
Optimistic thinking,
Not thinking of you less.
May 2020 · 32
Mario (Hot Shower Parody)
Sketcher May 2020
Star struck, star luck, star power,
Stomp Goomba, stomp Koopa, stomp Bowser,
Eat shrooms and make 'em ******* cower,
And Luigi said it's over, you'll see us in an hour.
May 2020 · 33
Sketcher May 2020
What code is this?
It's Oedipus.
A silly cypher,
Disgusting predicates,
Snip the wire,
For instant level-headedness,
Insistent thoughts of devilish,
Hellish psychological embellishments,
Third day comers are late to ****,
And word play lovers may cherish this.
May 2020 · 42
Stoner Snuggles
Sketcher May 2020
Inhale, ****,
Take a rip,
Then lean in closer.
Exhale, smoke,
Lock your lips,
With rose and clover.
Decide tomorrow's fate,
By tonight's,
Hand guidance.
Before it gets too late,
Let's take flight,
I'll let you ride this.
Take off bracelets,
Turn off lights,
And tuck away the lighter.
Under blankets,
You hold me tight,
And I'll hug back tighter.
Interlocking thighs,
Sleepy tension steep.
You stare into my eyes,
Then you drift off to sleep.
We snuggle in your bed,
My new nightly commute.
I kiss your forehead,
And whisper, "I love you."
May 2020 · 18
Secluded In The Past
Sketcher May 2020
Seclusion is amusing,
And places me in content,
I can relax with my mind,
Pick up the pen and vent,
Draw out my thoughts,
With emotions as my lure,
Negativity caught,
So the rest of me is pure,
See the obvious abyss,
And watch it glare back,
Reminding me of a *****,
That had a nice rack,
That's about all though,
******, didn't swallow,
Planned speech like a talk show,
She left, I lost all hope,
That's before I realized,
All her evil lies,
And side guys,
I realized,
A perfect life,
Blind to strife,
Cut and cried,
And fantasized,
I'm past that,
I think,
But sometimes,
I bring,
The past to the present,
Or blame the present on the past,
All because of some dumb promise,
That was too broken to last.
May 2020 · 250
Sketcher May 2020
Being alone doesn't scare me until I feel the elating presence of another individual.
The fear of being separate creates undesirable and painful attraction.
The closeness must be mental and physical.
Joy in addition and misery in subtraction.
May 2020 · 32
Presence Turmoil
Sketcher May 2020
I wanna show her my love,
And be in her presence,
But when I'm around her,
I can't finish a sentence,
Without turning red,
Or overthinking,
I find false meaning,
In her sighing and blinking,
There's so many obstacles,
That confuse the hell,
Out of my illogical,
Thoughts that compel,
Various actions,
That make me seem awkward,
When I'm her distraction,
It seems like I stalk her,
They say let her go,
Just leave her be,
But she's the one,
That's talking to me,
I want her here,
And also I don't,
But now she wants,
To borrow my coat,
It should be guaranteed,
That I see her again,
IF this is the beginning,
I can wait for the end.
May 2020 · 25
Hulk vs. Saitama
Sketcher May 2020
Hulks bulk broke through Banner's shirt,
As he converted, ready to assert,
Dominance, frickin' kickin' up dirt,
Steady and ready to hurt,
Any annoying that would turn his way,
Knocking the lights out of anyones day,
Green and sickly, the epitome of dismay,
Sheer power, feared hero, watching enemies decay.

Today he faces off against a man that stands atop a,
Pillar of power with the calm effect of marijuana,
There's no stop to this man, he's no period, he's a comma,
He's the One Punch Man, the unbeatable Saitama,

Slick bare head, no hair, yellow red,
Costume, white cape, one punch, Hulk's dead...
Oh... that was fast...
May 2020 · 35
Post-Bite Actions
Sketcher May 2020
Should I leave today,
Or stay inside?
Should I stay with you,
Or go off and hide?
I'll stay in bed today,
And wake up tonight.
Losing another day,
Turn off the lights.
A nocturnal stray lays,
In need of ice.
Snacking on Classic Lays,
They suffice.
Staying up too late,
On my device.
This is the only time,
That I can write.
If I do it once,
I might do it twice.
Might roll a blunt,
To feel the high.
To feel the heights,
Up here, the sights,
Make me cry,
But hey, that's fine.
When the kiss,
Turned to bite,
I was still alright.
I was like,
"I can manage this,
Actually, I like this,"
I'm a *******
I still feel the bliss,
Of the bite,
I miss this,
And apparently,
I inherently miss,
On the good times,
I now perceive as bad,
Reminiscing in the rhymes,
Making myself sad.
May 2020 · 53
Sketcher May 2020
The mountain was steep,
But I chose to venture,
To the very top,
To view earths splendor,
But once I reached,
The mountains peak,
An old man stood,
And took a leak,
His long gray beard,
Drooped to the ground,
And a bunch of animals,
Gathered around.

His beautiful aura,
Outshined the land,
And a couple of birds,
Ate from his hand,
He zipped up his fly,
And turned around,
Just to see,
My displeased frown,
He walked to me,
And said the kind,
Of words that seemed,
To read my mind,
"What's here is now,
What's past is past,
Don't fret, my friend,
This too shall pass."

This man obviously saw,
My visible discomfort,
I left early this morning,
Thinking I would come first,
The man said he was hiking,
And was unintentionally fasting,
He asked for a snack,
I said I was just passing,
He said so do the birds,
And emotional stains,
So does time and joy,
And anger and pain,
But this is fine,
I'll continue to fast,
This pain in my stomach,
Is sure to pass.
May 2020 · 40
Tight Sounds
Sketcher May 2020
I write pain,
I want fame,
But I'm afraid,
That I write lame,
SO I meditate,
And tame my mind,
On the thought,
That it's my time,
To shine brighter,
Than these mumble rap *****,
Or these "cowboys" in chargers,
That sing about trucks,
But I ain't catchy,
I don't do that,
I just think and write,
And try to rap,
And maybe you'll relate,
With the **** I'm tryna say,
Maybe I'll make the game,
Kick off my shoes and stay,
I hope to blow up,
Like hand grenades,
Expect me to show up,
With lyrical blades,
I am conscious,
When I speak,
And often dishonest,
Cause I tweak,
Certain bars,
To rhyme together,
Parallel bars,
OCD pleasure,
Oh, I feel better,
After I've centered,
The sentences,
And severed the letters,
To relieve the pressure,
And make it sound right,
I unlock the locked treasure,
To make the sounds tight,
I express what I express,
And I'mma do what I do,
So quit doing me,
And continue doing you.
May 2020 · 40
Born to Blow
Sketcher May 2020
Born an anxious wreck,
Couldn't breathe for a sec,
Had an umbilical cord,
Wrung around my neck,
My dad prayed to the lord,
And the lord checked,
To see if he could afford,
A being as complex,
As me on board,
In his Sims project,
So my life was restored,
When a doctor undid it,
Now I'm sitting here bored,
And lord forbid I,
Act on my accord,
I'll get things done which I,
Never thought possible,
And probably not plausible,
Absolutely phenomenal,
And then I'll say I called it all,
Even though I saw little,
Cause I lacked the foresight,
And to my delight,
Cause ignorance is bliss,
And bliss was supplied,
Despite my first kiss,
That I somehow survived,
Locked mouths quick,
But kept open eyes,
Now she's a *****,
That I'll always despise,
Where am I going with this?
Am I making up lies?
Not a single fib,
To my surprise,
Maybe I'm changing,
Not locked in my ways,
Maybe I'll make a better track,
On a happier day.
May 2020 · 44
Sketcher May 2020
I was snatched,
From my loving mom,
When I was six or seven,
Like Iran to Saddam,
Some people invaded,
And removed our calm,
But I was persuaded,
That I wasn't loved,
At my moms place,
So I was taken away,
Didn't see her face,
For over a decade,
Parents replaced,
I wish I stayed,
Cause for ten years,
I sat and decayed,
Without affection,
Just a roof and some crumbs,
I had no connections,
I slowly went numb,
To life and joy,
And simple pleasures,
Became an angsty boy,
That felt the pressure,
Of knowing there was people,
That was out there and cared,
But I thought I'd never see them,
And that made me scared,
I was told they were evil,
But soon I was prepared,
To find their love,
And rise above,
Some petty lies,
That I despised,
Reunited with 'em,
And gave them hugs,
And at that point,
I found the love,
I knew I had missed,
All the lost bliss,
The anger in my heart,
To this day, it exists,
But when I start,
To unball my fists,
And hug my sister,
Or brother, it gets,
Released completely,
And I feel alright,
Cause I'm back with my family,
For at least another night.
May 2020 · 39
Painful Perspective
Sketcher May 2020
I'm searching for the answer,
As I beat around the bush,
Slowly dying of cancer,
Steering clear of the kush,
Incessant growing cells,
Burdening my body,
A false sense of hell,
Like I think someone shot me,
But that's just it,
It's just a thought,
Just a small bit,
Of all that is not,
Stop and stay put,
Think for a second,
Like really, should,
Any pain be beckoned,
Beyond the brain,
Outside the mental shell,
If so, then your pain,
Is passed to everyone else,
In some form or another,
Useless complaining,
Choose a brighter color,
When your clouds start raining,
Remember pain is subjective,
And can be switched,
Pain is created within perspective,
You whining *****,
My ears are always open,
Especially when you're staring,
Depreciating my own pain by comparing.
May 2020 · 40
Found In The Shade
Sketcher May 2020
Where has loving you ever even gotten me?
While I'm caught up in this monotony,
You reroute my optics to the point I can't see,
And I fall so deep in you, that I forget to breathe,
I forget to be me, I forget to leave,
I forget that when you find out I'm still breathing,
You seethe with rage,
It's your belief that I'm a disease that's caged,
Unlock me, then block me, because you're afraid,
Critique my bleak mistakes,
While I bleed out to the crowd I made,
I'm not lost, but found in the shade,
But at what cost does the abyss delay,
The cryptic messages often displayed,
Throughout my prophetic poetic crusade,
Slowly played out into a fade...
May 2020 · 38
Sketcher May 2020
If I take one more step, I'll fall through the floor,
Touch one more handle, I'll break through the door,
Wait in one more line, I'll shoot up the store,
If I'm taking one life, then I'm taking more,
At least rid the strife, of about another four,
So that they won't, relive days of yore,
Cause I'm broke to the core,
And in need of your...
Mutual Suffrage,
Even though I'm the one that's torn.
May 2020 · 29
Sketcher May 2020
I wish I could communicate without words, neither uttered or gestured.
For the word transmutes through a thousand filters littering the mind.
To communicate the essence, would such a task be possible?
Would staying silent convey more?
Let's try.
May 2020 · 42
Sketcher May 2020
You are, but you strive for more,
I am, but the acceptance isn't complete,
Knowing what the future has in store,
Is like looking at a dead end street.
Your joy now will be sorrow later,
For all things come to an end.
Does life's value get any greater,
When you know what's around the river bend?
May 2020 · 31
All Is Fair
Sketcher May 2020
All is fair in love and war,
For I can covet a vile *****,
While she covers illusionary beauty,
At the brothel, her putrid store.

All is fair in war and love,
For that arrow that rose above,
Touched Gods unscathed tongue,
And redirects towards the son.

All is fair in love and war,
For an apple that sits,
Rots to the core,
But an apple that's bit,
Is that of no more,
So rot or sin,
Like kin before.

All is fair in war and love,
For when push, turns to hug,
Turns to stab, turns to shove,
Turns to turning in the grave,
Which thou hath dug,
Which thou hath paved,
Over to clave,
Death from life,
What's left is strife,
What's right is to shrug.
May 2020 · 77
The Key
Sketcher May 2020
In the end, my friend, acceptance is key. Let it be.
May 2020 · 35
Purposely: Pain
Sketcher May 2020
Oh, poor me,
I had a girl break my heart.
Morale of the story,
Addicted from the start.
I'm not broken,
I tattooed the cracks.
Purposely hoping,
For my drug back.
Texting, delaying,
With sad face emojis.
Now they're all saying,
God, you're emo, jeez.
I cry, cut, and so on.
Mentally disturbed.
Cry again and throw on,
A slowed reverb.
Paul Anka, Juice Wrld.
Not trying to forget,
That once a girl,
Lifted me from the ****.
I was so deep, stuck in,
A lanky creep, *******,
A pretty *****, nothing,
I wanted more, something,
Got to me.
Not ******,
But her ****** economy.
All she was, was a drug.
No understanding or acceptance.
I wanted a hug,
And so much more.
She wanted a beating.
It makes more sense,
Why she went out cheating.
**** lust and ***,
And pornographic scenes.
Nah, just **** my ex,
I'll see you in my dreams.
May 2020 · 31
Sketcher May 2020
I bathe in oil,
And lit a match,
To practice for hell.
I cut my eyes,
And saw the truth,
When I removed myself.
I turned a new leaf,
But still I perceive,
The same chlorophyll.
I put down the blade,
But the wind,
Still turns the mill.
I chose to be,
And still I choose,
Whenever I forget.
Opening up,
To reality,
When all terms are met.
Again I bathe,
This time in salt,
To purify a piece.
The one as whole,
The whole as one,
Until all thoughts cease.
Jul 2019 · 906
Man of Rhyme
Sketcher Jul 2019
There was a man that sang in rhyme,
Every time he found a dime,
But by the time that he found nine,
He’d forget how to rhyme,
Then go back in time to rhyme,
Until he found another nine.
Jul 2019 · 137
Inner Beast
Sketcher Jul 2019
I need escape,
I need release,
I need to tame this inner beast,
That’s full of depression,
Full of lust,
It makes me want to ******* cuss,
Use words of hate,
Instead of love,
Because I’ll never be able to rise above,
My crippling anxiety,
So I’ll writhe in fear,
Cause everything is falling apart, my dear,
But we will be fine,
Just you and I,
Forever and always,
Until we die.
Jul 2019 · 212
Sketcher Jul 2019
The F-Line,
Made a Bee-Line,
For my behind,
And the moment,
It hit my spine,
Was the moment,
I was kind of,
That I would die,
And not live,
To tell the tale,
And not give
Another fable,
Ever again,
Whether poem or book,
Because the F-Line,
Made a Bee-Line,
And my life,
It took.
Jul 2019 · 87
Reflective Problems
Sketcher Jul 2019
I smell like ****,
After two days without a shower,
Here I sit,
With my boredom like a tower,
Towering above me,
No matter what the setting,
I wish I was clean,
I should clean my bedding,
I should mow the lawn,
I should wack the weeds,
I think I’ve lost my brawn,
Now I’ve come to perceive,
The outer problems,
With the inner,
If I clean up,
I’ll be a winner,
I’ll feel good,
I’ll eat again,
All that food,
Spilling over my chin,
Cause it’s been too long,
And I’m eating too fast,
I know this is wrong,
But I can make it last,
By telling them it’s religious,
And I have to go a week,
And then a week more,
But my mom is superstitious,
I have to clean up one side,
To get the other side,
All cleaned up,
So I can continue this ride,
This roller coaster,
Taking me through life,
But there’s technical difficulties,
Halting me at strife,
I wanna get past it,
So I called the engineer,
But I fear,
I can’t fix this,
And I’ll never clear,
Life successfully,
I know demise is near,
But hopefully,
I’ll get help from my peers.
Jul 2019 · 85
Sketcher Jul 2019
The 168,
Departed late,
A character trait,
Of public transit,
So here I sit,
On this black bench,
In the hot hot sun,
The bus threw a wrench,
Into my fun,
The longer I wait,
The more I think,
The bus won’t come,
Within the next blink,
This is my life,
Without a car,
Without a wife,
I’m going far,
With my girlfriend,
After I mend,
Our broken understandings,
And premarital demandings,
Now the bus is here,
And I bust a rhyme,
And I bus around,
From time to time,
I have to go,
But I’ll be back,
Don’t do drugs kids,
Stay away from crack.
Jul 2019 · 89
Sin and I
Sketcher Jul 2019
Maybe I’ll feel better in an hour,
Maybe I’ll feel better if I shower,
Maybe I’d feel better if I had super powers,
Like making humanity stumble and cower,
Knocking a flower out of a little girls hands,
Falling to her knees and making her bow her,
Head to me as she begs and she pleads,
I think I could be the next Jack Bower,
If he was twisted and mean,
And decided to tower,
Above everyone and everything,
With his relentless unstoppable power.

Maybe my ego will cheer me up,
Maybe my ego has had enough,
I’m just me,
Dust in the wind,
Plus my personality,
And the sin.
Jul 2019 · 828
Lust is Lurking
Sketcher Jul 2019
I can tell you’re feeling nervous,
I can feel it near your ******,
But you’re fine, you’re doing perfect,
I’d like to thank you for your service,
I am seven inches deep,
And I’m hurting you on purpose,
My **** puts you to sleep,
With the excitement of a circus,
I hit the spot, you make a peep,
I think that moan of yours is perfect,
You’re a snack, I’m a treat,
Today the lust is lurking.
Jul 2019 · 247
True Love Is
Jul 2019 · 138
The Bus
Sketcher Jul 2019
I trust the bus to take me home,
I must adjust to how I roam,
From here to there,
With the slowest four wheels,
From stop to stop,
This doesn’t appeal,
To my sense of speed,
I have places to be,
Not only that,
But I have to ***.
Waiting on the bus...
Jul 2019 · 120
Gender Roles
Sketcher Jul 2019
Dustpan in one hand,
Broom in the other,
Not a job for a man,
Not a job for a brother,
A job for a woman,
Not any other ***,
My wife didn’t agree with me,
And that’s why she’s my ex.

Stay at home,
Watch the kids,
Keep them chill,
When they throw fits,
Make the bed,
Do the dishes,
You heard what I said,
Carry out my wishes.

Stay indoors,
Don’t make friends,
Your friends are your kids,
And if that ever tends,
To become quite boring,
I won’t let you leave,
I won’t have you *******,
Don’t you dare deceive,
Your intelligent husband,
He knows what’s right,
This here hand feeds you,
You better not bite.

Last night,
I had her down on her knees,
That’s right,
I heard her beg and her plead,
But she was too noisy,
And I got paranoid,
So I had to cut her jugular,
Sending her to the void,
She was taking punishment,
Not a beating or ***,
But she screamed and I killed her,
So now she’s my ex.
Jul 2019 · 55
Sketcher Jul 2019
I asked them out and now I’m stuck on this date,
And it’s a quarter past... wait... oh ****, I’m late,
I live on the border so I gotta hop a state,
In a black Mitsubishi and make sure to partake,
In this dumb thing that I agreed on,
I’m wasting time writing **** on my front lawn,
Now it’s half past noon and I accepted at dawn,
That I’d date a dude with combed hair named Ron.

Yeah, he’s a guy, did I forget to mention that?
I’m still on this date cuz he looks like Chris Pratt,
If he trimmed a little and put on a nice hat,
That screams look up here, not down at my fat,
Yeah, he’s a little chubby, but that’s okay,
We talked a lot, like throughout the day,
Talked about cars, and women, and manly stuff,
So we didn’t feel bad when I was taking it rough...
I had no idea where this was going. My poetry is turning into improv... just write whatever I think next...
Jul 2019 · 109
I Don’t Mind
Sketcher Jul 2019
She’s poetically inclined,
E. E. ******* in her mouth,
I make sure her lips are lined,
With that feel good vibe,
That she gets with my ****,
She says she wants to ride,
But she’s feeling kinda sick,
And her *****’s like the tide,
Coming at me during night,
No receding shorelines,
She assures me that she’s fine,
But I can see it in her eyes,
The distaste,
Just the kind,
Of sickness,
That I’d rather not take,
But tonight,
I don’t mind.
Childish Gambino was my inspiration.
Jul 2019 · 103
Please Don’t Leave
Sketcher Jul 2019
I try to block out the negative parts of you I don’t want to exist,
But the longer I exist with you the longer they persist,
And soon instead of saying, “I love you” and “I sincerely miss”,
I’ll only be in the relationship for the cuddles and the kiss.
I really hope it doesn’t come to this,
Just the thought removes my bliss,
And my sadness grows like my cyst,
On my ****, but please continue, I insist.
Continue the love that you give to me,
I’ll accept all parts of you regardless the fee,
You’re more than a snack, you’re my little treat,
You’re more than my world, you’re all I want to perceive.
You’re my universe, my everything, my all,
You’re the biggest part of my life, not standing tall,
Short and cute, you are, like your hair in the breeze,
I love you, please don’t leave me, you got me on my knees.

I beg of you,
Don’t leave,
For if you left,
I wouldn’t be myself,
I would flee,
Yet here I am,
In the same spot,
In the same lot,
With the same thoughts,
Knowing this would happen,
Sadly, I’ve been caught,
In loves powerful grasp,
Loves top-notch trap,
I don’t want to leave,
This prison cell,
Although I plead,
I will not yell,
For I want to be,
With you forever...
Please don’t leave.
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