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Jul 2019 · 355
Man of Rhyme
Sketcher Jul 2019
There was a man that sang in rhyme,
Every time he found a dime,
But by the time that he found nine,
He’d forget how to rhyme,
Then go back in time to rhyme,
Until he found another nine.
Jul 2019 · 91
Inner Beast
Sketcher Jul 2019
I need escape,
I need release,
I need to tame this inner beast,
That’s full of depression,
Full of lust,
It makes me want to ******* cuss,
Use words of hate,
Instead of love,
Because I’ll never be able to rise above,
My crippling anxiety,
So I’ll writhe in fear,
Cause everything is falling apart, my dear,
But we will be fine,
Just you and I,
Forever and always,
Until we die.
Jul 2019 · 165
Sketcher Jul 2019
The F-Line,
Made a Bee-Line,
For my behind,
And the moment,
It hit my spine,
Was the moment,
I was kind of,
That I would die,
And not live,
To tell the tale,
And not give
Another fable,
Ever again,
Whether poem or book,
Because the F-Line,
Made a Bee-Line,
And my life,
It took.
Jul 2019 · 54
Reflective Problems
Sketcher Jul 2019
I smell like ****,
After two days without a shower,
Here I sit,
With my boredom like a tower,
Towering above me,
No matter what the setting,
I wish I was clean,
I should clean my bedding,
I should mow the lawn,
I should wack the weeds,
I think I’ve lost my brawn,
Now I’ve come to perceive,
The outer problems,
With the inner,
If I clean up,
I’ll be a winner,
I’ll feel good,
I’ll eat again,
All that food,
Spilling over my chin,
Cause it’s been too long,
And I’m eating too fast,
I know this is wrong,
But I can make it last,
By telling them it’s religious,
And I have to go a week,
And then a week more,
But my mom is superstitious,
I have to clean up one side,
To get the other side,
All cleaned up,
So I can continue this ride,
This roller coaster,
Taking me through life,
But there’s technical difficulties,
Halting me at strife,
I wanna get past it,
So I called the engineer,
But I fear,
I can’t fix this,
And I’ll never clear,
Life successfully,
I know demise is near,
But hopefully,
I’ll get help from my peers.
Jul 2019 · 49
Sketcher Jul 2019
The 168,
Departed late,
A character trait,
Of public transit,
So here I sit,
On this black bench,
In the hot hot sun,
The bus threw a wrench,
Into my fun,
The longer I wait,
The more I think,
The bus won’t come,
Within the next blink,
This is my life,
Without a car,
Without a wife,
I’m going far,
With my girlfriend,
After I mend,
Our broken understandings,
And premarital demandings,
Now the bus is here,
And I bust a rhyme,
And I bus around,
From time to time,
I have to go,
But I’ll be back,
Don’t do drugs kids,
Stay away from crack.
Jul 2019 · 49
Sin and I
Sketcher Jul 2019
Maybe I’ll feel better in an hour,
Maybe I’ll feel better if I shower,
Maybe I’d feel better if I had super powers,
Like making humanity stumble and cower,
Knocking a flower out of a little girls hands,
Falling to her knees and making her bow her,
Head to me as she begs and she pleads,
I think I could be the next Jack Bower,
If he was twisted and mean,
And decided to tower,
Above everyone and everything,
With his relentless unstoppable power.

Maybe my ego will cheer me up,
Maybe my ego has had enough,
I’m just me,
Dust in the wind,
Plus my personality,
And the sin.
Jul 2019 · 422
Lust is Lurking
Sketcher Jul 2019
I can tell you’re feeling nervous,
I can feel it near your ******,
But you’re fine, you’re doing perfect,
I’d like to thank you for your service,
I am seven inches deep,
And I’m hurting you on purpose,
My **** puts you to sleep,
With the excitement of a circus,
I hit the spot, you make a peep,
I think that moan of yours is perfect,
You’re a snack, I’m a treat,
Today the lust is lurking.
Jul 2019 · 196
True Love Is
Jul 2019 · 61
The Bus
Sketcher Jul 2019
I trust the bus to take me home,
I must adjust to how I roam,
From here to there,
With the slowest four wheels,
From stop to stop,
This doesn’t appeal,
To my sense of speed,
I have places to be,
Not only that,
But I have to ***.
Waiting on the bus...
Jul 2019 · 67
Gender Roles
Sketcher Jul 2019
Dustpan in one hand,
Broom in the other,
Not a job for a man,
Not a job for a brother,
A job for a woman,
Not any other ***,
My wife didn’t agree with me,
And that’s why she’s my ex.

Stay at home,
Watch the kids,
Keep them chill,
When they throw fits,
Make the bed,
Do the dishes,
You heard what I said,
Carry out my wishes.

Stay indoors,
Don’t make friends,
Your friends are your kids,
And if that ever tends,
To become quite boring,
I won’t let you leave,
I won’t have you *******,
Don’t you dare deceive,
Your intelligent husband,
He knows what’s right,
This here hand feeds you,
You better not bite.

Last night,
I had her down on her knees,
That’s right,
I heard her beg and her plead,
But she was too noisy,
And I got paranoid,
So I had to cut her jugular,
Sending her to the void,
She was taking punishment,
Not a beating or ***,
But she screamed and I killed her,
So now she’s my ex.
Jul 2019 · 40
Sketcher Jul 2019
I asked them out and now I’m stuck on this date,
And it’s a quarter past... wait... oh ****, I’m late,
I live on the border so I gotta hop a state,
In a black Mitsubishi and make sure to partake,
In this dumb thing that I agreed on,
I’m wasting time writing **** on my front lawn,
Now it’s half past noon and I accepted at dawn,
That I’d date a dude with combed hair named Ron.

Yeah, he’s a guy, did I forget to mention that?
I’m still on this date cuz he looks like Chris Pratt,
If he trimmed a little and put on a nice hat,
That screams look up here, not down at my fat,
Yeah, he’s a little chubby, but that’s okay,
We talked a lot, like throughout the day,
Talked about cars, and women, and manly stuff,
So we didn’t feel bad when I was taking it rough...
I had no idea where this was going. My poetry is turning into improv... just write whatever I think next...
Jul 2019 · 70
I Don’t Mind
Sketcher Jul 2019
She’s poetically inclined,
E. E. ******* in her mouth,
I make sure her lips are lined,
With that feel good vibe,
That she gets with my ****,
She says she wants to ride,
But she’s feeling kinda sick,
And her *****’s like the tide,
Coming at me during night,
No receding shorelines,
She assures me that she’s fine,
But I can see it in her eyes,
The distaste,
Just the kind,
Of sickness,
That I’d rather not take,
But tonight,
I don’t mind.
Childish Gambino was my inspiration.
Jul 2019 · 63
Please Don’t Leave
Sketcher Jul 2019
I try to block out the negative parts of you I don’t want to exist,
But the longer I exist with you the longer they persist,
And soon instead of saying, “I love you” and “I sincerely miss”,
I’ll only be in the relationship for the cuddles and the kiss.
I really hope it doesn’t come to this,
Just the thought removes my bliss,
And my sadness grows like my cyst,
On my ****, but please continue, I insist.
Continue the love that you give to me,
I’ll accept all parts of you regardless the fee,
You’re more than a snack, you’re my little treat,
You’re more than my world, you’re all I want to perceive.
You’re my universe, my everything, my all,
You’re the biggest part of my life, not standing tall,
Short and cute, you are, like your hair in the breeze,
I love you, please don’t leave me, you got me on my knees.

I beg of you,
Don’t leave,
For if you left,
I wouldn’t be myself,
I would flee,
Yet here I am,
In the same spot,
In the same lot,
With the same thoughts,
Knowing this would happen,
Sadly, I’ve been caught,
In loves powerful grasp,
Loves top-notch trap,
I don’t want to leave,
This prison cell,
Although I plead,
I will not yell,
For I want to be,
With you forever...
Please don’t leave.
Jul 2019 · 92
Book of Poetry
Sketcher Jul 2019
I feel like I could write a book full of poetry,
A hook that lasts for centuries,
A body meant for you,
And a chorus that was meant for me.

I could do all of this today,
While you all just sleep away,
The potential you’ve earned,
Watching your hair turn gray.

I could write a simple line,
Then I have seven, eight, nine,
More pages full of glee,
Full of all my poetry.

But I wouldn’t stop there,
I would quickly be aware,
That I’m still feeling the vibe,
That makes me want to share.

Sharing whatever feelings,
Whatever my mind is currently reeling,
In from the abyss,
All I can think about,
Is the one,
I love,
The one,
I miss.
Jul 2019 · 98
Sketcher Jul 2019
I’m sorry I’m depressed,
I haven’t confessed,
My love for any other girl,
In this God forsaken world,
So the simple fact,
That I told you I love you,
Simply didn’t lack,
The truth and its virtues.

I’m sorry I’m always jealous,
When I came to earth, they didn’t tell us,
That it would be this hard,
At least all the cards,
That life has dealt me,
And I know your cards as well,
Has made us pay a bitter fee,
That feels like a living hell.

I’m sorry I’m so big,
My ego is a hungry pig,
Searching for a mouthful,
Of praise which is doubtful,
When I’m too cocky,
And oh, another thing, while I’m thinking and sitting,
I’m sorry my ****’s stocky,
And oftentimes has trouble fitting.
Gonna try to write a lot more often... let’s see how that goes.
Jun 2019 · 63
Boring Menial Tasks
Sketcher Jun 2019
I’ve got a cute girlfriend and *** is a norm,
But depression rolls in like an impeding storm,
Freezing my body in a cool sense of warm,
A mediocre stasis that has my life torn,
Torn T-shirts that I haven’t even worn,
Here I am wishing that I was never born,
Two beef sausages and a side of corn,
As I sit, no pants, and the TV playing ****,
Basically, my life is pretty **** normal,
Not casual, yet a lot less formal,
Soon I’ll be done, thank God I’m not immortal,
Please no heaven or hell, just a portal,
Straight to the abyss of absolute nothing,
No feeling or emptiness or sensual touching,
I long for this now, because I am not rushing,
Towards deaths pleasant hold that I mistook for hugging,
A sharp grasp death has, but only for a second,
For pain is only ever briefly beckoned,
In the grand scheme of earth and its myths and its legends,
And its terrors and its faults and its teachers and its lessons,
I guess I should try and move and feel,
Step away from addiction and eat my meal,
I am here now and all of this is real,
Yet I will continue to keep emotions concealed,
Cause I know that no one wants to deal,
With my mental states and possible death,
That may come to be just like the rest,
Of other teens that gave up their life,
Cause they couldn’t handle the emotional strife,
I put on an act, a face, a mask,
And go on with my boring-*** menial tasks. /:
Jun 2019 · 112
My Friend, Depression
Sketcher Jun 2019
Hey, it’s been a while, nice to see yuh,
I didn’t think that due time I’d have to greet yuh,
It’s been three years, 2 months, and a day,
Now I’m feeling speechless and I don’t know what to say,
You came around the corner so ******* fast,
An immediate blow to the head and blast to the ***,
I wish you didn’t have the ***** to come back around,
I’d lost you for a while, but now you’ve been found,
Found under the influence, influenced underground,
Away from the police, so I pop at least a pound,
Of fentanyl, morphine, ******, and coke,
I mean, “Please don’t come for me, this is all a joke”,
If they ask if I want some, I always say nope,
Deadliest drug I ever did was dope,
I didn’t even use the **** **** to cope,
I hated the feeling and hated the smoke,
I used the stuff to sit a socialize,
And I despised my girl smoking with other guys,
I am selfish and constantly jealous,
She would be confused, sit me down and say “Tell us...”,
“Tell us why it pains you to see me this way”,
I said, “Girl, it’s destroying your lungs every day”,
So I stopped using and she kept going,
With guys and girls with or without knowing,
If she is safe and indoors or scared and outside,
Either way I’m worrying with fears like the tide,
Not as intense during day, but insane during night,
I was manipulative and stupid one day,
I asked her choose between smoking and me,
She made me cry and chose the ****,
So now I’m stuck up high in a tree,
Contemplating suicide and for some reason you’re here,
Meeting me again and telling all my fears,
That I’m a ***** and I dont deserve,
This life and it’s glory, man, you have the nerve,
That I had to ask the stupid question,
That ended it all and let’s not even mention,
That she was attracted to every other guy,
And said it was normal and constantly lied,
Depression is back, that is your name, right?,
Been a while old friend, I don’t think I’ll fight,
I’ll let you take over once again,
I think you and I could be pretty good friends.
Sketcher Jun 2019
I did it. I made it! I got this far. The end of school, the beginning of a car, a job, a house, a family. My mom’s asking how did he graduate, but not proudly. She thought I wouldn’t, I couldn’t. I can’t understand what she saw in me, man. What gave her false hopes and negative dreams. What made her pull out her hair and tear at the seams. Through the binder reams, all homework was finished. All F’s diminished. My fears were the thinnest. I knew I would pass, but couldn’t prove it to her. She bought me a tutor to help with my future, but my obvious demise was coming all the sooner. No matter what, she saw me as a loser and kicked me out of the house so ******* abrupt. Just packed my bags and through out my stuff while I was away at some friends party. I could’ve argued with her, but honesty, I hardly cared for my own safety at this point. I was still rolling joints. Still hurting myself. Called up my friends and went with the twelfth plan on my list if I ever got kicked out by an unfair mighty fist. This plan was to sleep on a bench at a school. It was thirty degrees below my sense of cool and right now I just wanted to cry, and hug my baby and tell her goodbye. I wanted to leave this god awful world. What did I do wrong? Do I deserve my girl? As these thoughts were running through my head, my dad called me up and said, “Thank God you aren’t dead.” You can live with me, cause your mom is a ***** who only adores the cores of “scores” and obviously ignores yours. I ended up sleeping on the bench and four days later I’m still sleeping in my stench. No friends could house me and my dad didn’t care. My phone was dead and just my baby was aware of the horrible situation my mom put me in, so she told me to come over, I knocked, said, “Let me in.” She opened her window and had me sneak in, I finally had shelter so of course I started sleepin’. I was caught a few hours later by her dad, who wasn’t mad, but actually glad she had taken in a stray. It almost seemed like I made her dads day. Her dad was gay and looked the other way. The only parent in the house didn’t care that I was there and he went to work later. He does special effects. Me and my baby stayed home all day and had ***. I always gotta switch it up at some point in my poems. Probably because my mind wanders and roams. I might get *****, cause I’m a super freak. Now I’m done with this one. Gotta go take a leak.
Jun 2019 · 470
Losing You
Sketcher Jun 2019
Losing you would be the end of me.
I couldn’t deal with that atrocity.
Sometimes I think you don’t understand, so I must find a way to reprimand.
I close myself off.
Anxiety fills me.
I ain’t making laws, but you think that these bills be controlling you.
But I just want a simple stipulation.
An understanding of the sorts.
So I don’t have to feel this pain.
You’ll stop other painful activities when I ask.
But when it comes to smoking, I’m the one to blame.
May 2019 · 65
Waste of My Energy
Sketcher May 2019
I would despise to summarize your summer eyes,
The perceptive, deceptive, gate way to your lies,
This time I rhyme about hot fumes that are in bloom,
I've been blocked, the room is locked, hotboxed and I cry.
Days and days, depressive ways, unconsciousness grew,
Star gazing, rage is blazing and I wish I knew,
How to get up far away from suicide cars...
I meant I'm sitting on cement and then there's you.
Make amends with old guy friends, that former sugar daddy,
Reconcile for a while with people that made you happy,
Whether that be Heather, Kobe, Joe or even Maddy.
Slowly bracing myself to leave your sweet embrace,
If I put on a mask and asked for a kiss, would you give me one last taste?
A disappointed disgrace, memories replaced,
With every waking moment you were baking... what a waste.
A waste of time and a waste of rhymes,
A waste of trying to change you into something you will never be,
A complete waste of my energy.
May 2019 · 48
White, Black, and Gray
Sketcher May 2019
Have you ever met someone that was completely content,
With their love and lifestyle, and all cards that were dealt,
With all faults and regrets and feelings they felt,
Through the whip, the crack, and strike of the belt,
As they knelt down to bow to a God they had known,
To sit above everything on his shiny golden throne,
While the believers carved symbols into their fragile aching bones,
And chanted quiet mantras at inconceivable tones,
They knew they were praying to something that didn’t exist,
When they accepted that, they had hurt their fists,
By throwing punches at walls that were made of bricks,
And now their mentality was too far gone to be fixed,
They gave up on the thought of a lord,
And everyone became extremely bored,
Of repetitive tasks that lead nowhere,
So they all decided to stand there, strip bare,
And **** themselves,
Then they were aware,
That whatever dwells,
In the center of the soul,
Was a cancerous being,
That played a simple role,
A role being that,
Of embers or coal,
It lights the way,
To the final destination,
It helps you and hurts you,
In its cruel manifestation,
This is the truth,
And truth shows the way,
To a simple life,
Of white, black, and gray.
May 2019 · 41
Stasis vs. Chaos
Sketcher May 2019
Now I can finally sleep off the pain that’s been festering all day,
Some bullies push me, call me ugly-*** ***, *****, and gay,
Why is that even an insult, I thought we were past this,
I thought we were moving forward, but society’s disastrous,
Now I can see that we’re not moving forward,
And not moving backwards, just stuck in stasis,
And we all get bored, with the same ol’ basis,
Repetitive responses and actions so please, I ask, may this,
All just end while I’m lying in her arms,
And while I’m dying there, please promise me no harm,
Will ever come to the love of my life,
Cause my baby girl doesn’t deserve the pain of strife,
Doesn’t deserve the cutting knife on smooth skin,
Lose, lose, no win, win,
Abuse, abuse, just sin, sin,
Pain, please leave us on this boring static day,
May the soothing touch of pleasurable chaos soon come our way.
May 2019 · 181
I Don’t Know What To Do
Sketcher May 2019
She smokes **** and she gets high. It hurts me and I don’t know why. I hate when she brings the **** to her mouth, when she throws her head back and her mood goes south, and she starts coughing hard and her eyes roll back.
The brain goes dumb and the smoke starts to attack her lungs and she already has a breathing problem and sleep apnea and smoking doesn’t solve em’. Doesn’t make em’ better. Just makes em’ worse, like my stupid-*** worries in every single verse. It’s like a curse that won’t end because she won’t stop, even though it hurts me and makes my heart drop into my stomach and crush the butterflies that we’re nesting and formed colonies enshrouded in her lies about using marijuana and she knows how much it hurts. So I retaliate and stop giving her my shirts. I stop being so clingy and I see her less and less, until I’m comfortable enough telling her not to undress, because I’m not that ***** and now I just feel sad almost every single day. If not, then I’m mad. This used to be a love parade where I would jump into her arms, but now this feels unhealthy and I think I’ve lost my charm. I think I’m not okay and I think she feels the same. She’s busy with her drugs and I guess I’m busy being lame, cause I don’t participate in illegal activity, so I’m a buzzkill with an abnormal affinity for a high school teenager, which is being healthy and staying out of danger. My trust seems to be the only thing that I’ll wager. I won’t stop loving her no matter how bad the pain gets. I might just need to ignore the unending thought mess, brain *****, **** yes, rid of it, I can’t take it, I’m done with this **** and I’m done with her baking it. I’m hating it and disliking her at this rate and my mind has trouble analyzing an ongoing debate whether or not I should leave her or stay by her side. My choice is a choice that will rise the tides and turn the tables. The tides of loneliness and tables of fables that are partially true, but basically biased. Breaking up with her would cause the highest form of tension that I’ve ever known. She would fall to the dirt and I’d vacate my thrown. I couldn’t give up the only love I’ve ever known. I couldn’t leave the intimacy, the whisper, the moan. I couldn’t leave the love that she shows me when she’s around, but I could leave the pain she gives me when she’s not inbound. It’s easier to love her when she’s by my side and I can hold her close and I can tell her she’s mine. She loves that noise and so do I. I’m ending this now. I need to go cry.
May 2019 · 132
Sketcher May 2019
You are so cute,
No matter what,
From head to toes,
To ***** to ****.

You are the little,
I’m the caregiver,
Just ask for anything,
And I will deliver.

You are so pretty,
Every single day,
Please take my hand,
And I’ll show you the way,
To a happier place,
Just you and me,
No matter where we’re at,
From land to sea,
I’ll be there for you,
And try my best,
I want nothing more,
Than your happiness,
I love my lovely little girl,
My everything, my entire world,
I love you, I love you, I love you so much,
To this terrible life, you’ve become my crutch,
I’ll try to learn to stand without you,
A dependent strong man I’ll be,
The future, together will be seen through,
Together, soon we’ll move in and marry,
And have a nice life with a house and money,
Always and forever, through crying and funny,
Things that we’ll do like eat each others chins,
And share our past stories onto our kin,
But before all that,
I have something to say,
Please hear me out,
This will probably sound gay,
A lovers gay,
The cheesy type,
That makes me want,
To maybe write,
A poem for you,
On our 92nd day,
Here I go,
What I was going to say:

Is that you are the sub,
And I am the dom,
Do me the honors,
Of letting me take you to prom.
She said yes :)
May 2019 · 57
Some Lovey Poetry
Sketcher May 2019
Now I guess that I am singing,
Because I have some *** to lend,
I wake up to my phone ringing,
My baby’s on the other end,
I’m tired, I’m *****, I just want to die,
Then I hear her voice and I realize,
That I need to get up so I can see her face,
I’ll kiss her and hug her and put her in her place,
I get to school, I see her, she’s wearing a dress,
My hands are all over her, I’m a ***** mess,
Her *** is pronounced, it’s a curvy masterpiece,
A slap and a bounce and a tickle and a tease,
I don’t think that this happiness will stop,
I had thought that then, but boy was I wrong,
Through every period I had missed her,
From class to class, each time, I would kiss her,
I go out of my way to be with her,
During passing period, what’s to learn?
I want to pound her sopping wet *****,
Till’ she is moaning and I feel pity,
Because sometimes daddy can be a little rough,
So I will stop all that ******* ****** stuff,
Then she will probably whimper and pout,
I’ll stuff it back in and let a load out,
That is what I want, but not what I get,
Cause out in public, she would never let,
Me stick my fingers in her tight *****,
All that would do would cause anxiety,
She’s leading me on, and says, “Daddy, please!”,
Now why the **** would she do this to me,
When we cannot **** for who knows how long,
I think about this while she’s picking flowers from the lawn,
I hate these mixed signals that are directed at me,
We don’t go to the forest and **** around the trees,
Instead she complains about the sun and the steps,
Even though she lead the way, so I’m just like “Yep,
I completely agree with you, this really *****,
If only we stayed back in the woods and just ******”,
I guess it was my fault for getting excited,
I really wanted to hold her **** and let her ride it,
At least I could spend time with my baby,
Maybe this next time, I can say, “Matey,
Treat me like a pirate and give me that *****”,
Ramming deep from behind, I love my lil’ cutie,
I was a little disappointed, but I got over it,
I have to be strong and then show her it,
Isn’t all about the majestic ***,
But it’s been too long and I want her neck,
To be covered in marks from rough kisses,
I am the sir and she’s the lil’ misses,
I hope this weekend, she can spend the night,
Then we can **** and **** without a fright,
No fear of being caught so it’s just relaxing,
Just my baby and I, continuously taxing,
Our bodies for pleasure, whether to please or be pleased,
As you can prolly tell, I can’t wait for her to ease,
Slowly down on my **** as she lets out a moan,
This is how I’m feeling in this ***** zone,
Not the twilight zone, not that sort of plot,
The type of plot that I got when I hit the ******,
I say I want to spend the day hanging away,
When what I really want is to be close to my baby,
When I have all her attention and she has mine,
When it’s not this way, then I fear I’m borderline,
Insane if I’m not insane already,
This weight that I carry is pretty ******* heavy,
I’ve been through **** that really ******* *****,
At my lowest of my low, it was just my luck,
That my baby had wriggled her way straight into my life,
She brought with her so much joy and took away all the strife,
I write these poems when I’m feeling strong emotions,
And I have the incentive to question all my notions,
And my morals and my current progress,
And how long I have to wait before I can undress,
My ****-*** girl, it’s been way to long,
Ten whole days since I’ve seen her in that thong,
Now I’m off topic and I think that I should stop,
Creating my **** desires through mental props,
And written poetry,
Whether at land or at sea,
Or in the sky or in space,
Poetry and missing you, I want to kiss your face,
Sloppy wet kisses and now I’m sad,
I want my baby and I think I’m a bad,
Boyfriend, but I try my hardest,
Whether I’m soft, hard, smart, or *******,
I’ll joke and she’ll laugh, I’ll laugh and she’ll smile,
Just for that to happen, I’d walk a thousand miles,
I should end this now, but I’m not sure how,
An hour and forty minutes of writing, then a bow?
I guess that’s just how it’s going to be,
Until I’m with her and we’re happily,
Connected enjoying each others company,
Forever and always and to many many many,
More poems filled with feelings... for you baby,
                    Some lovely poetry.
Missing her is a terrible pain... especially when she teases me with pictures of her perfect body :(
May 2019 · 58
Buttered Toast
Sketcher May 2019
She’s the butter, I’m the toast,
She’s hot, she melts, she gets real close,
She sits on my lap and I grab her ****,
I squeeze and pull closer, my little ****,
She’s feeling my **** through my pants,
Not the ideal circumstance,
But we’re in public so it’s better this way,
Later in privacy, I’ll make her day,
She pulls closer till’ there’s no length between,
Her soft soaking ***** and my rock-hard peen,
Every ******, there’s a moan, every moan, there’s a kiss,
Through skin and through bone, all I feel is bliss,
I feel this way because I’m so close to my baby,
My good good girl, my little lady,
I am all hers and she is all mine,
Whatever the setting, she is looking fine,
Whether 3 AM or 10 at night,
Her **** luminescence won’t stop shining bright,
She’s so **** cute that sometimes it scares me,
I’m afraid that there will be a guy that stops and just glares deep,
Into her cleavage or at her nice round ***,
But she assured me she’s mine, so I know she will pass,
Up any other guy that might want a taste,
Of her savory sopping, perfect ***** paste,
I will feed her and **** her,
And love her and tuck her,
Into bed at night with a goodnight kiss,
As I leave the room, I tell her I miss,
Her already and then she will pout,
So I come back inside and let a load out,
Well, a load, or two, or three, or seven,
Cause I want to make my presence feel like heaven,
Cause when I’m with her, it’s heavenly all right,
A ******, a scratch, a kiss, a bite,
After we both can’t take anymore,
I fall asleep atop my little *****,
We both start to dream as we hold each other close,
Close enough to be one... one buttered toast.
May 2019 · 85
Still Pain?
Sketcher May 2019
She’s at a friends house getting high,
She calls me, I answer, and say goodbye,
Cause she broke her word, yeah, she had lied,
In my heart I had held so much pride,
For my baby girl, but now it’s gone,
Now she disappoints from noon to dawn,
Smoking here to there, to house to lawn,
Makes me shrivel up and lose my brawn,
Makes all my bones ache,
And I’m not even sure why,
I just know that it makes,
Me feel sad and I cry,
Maybe it’s because it’s slowly killing her,
And I want her forever, forever bringing her,
To a healthy place where we live long lives together,
Maybe we can get married, I’ll ask her to be my wife,
But not at this pace, with this hurt in my heart,
The feeling that makes me want to tear myself apart,
Piece by piece, analyzing each segment,
Figure out why it hurts so I can maybe prevent,
Any more pain, cause this **** ******* *****,
Soon she’ll probably leave me for some deluxe,
Pink *****, marijuana, or coffee,
I’m lucky I have her, cause this love is not free,
It comes at a cost of great pain and suffrage,
Not a tax or insurance, no medical coverage,
A fear and worry that something bad will happen,
I’m sad and I’m done with this rap... so I’m going back to nappin’.
May 2019 · 436
The End Is Near?
Sketcher May 2019
These feelings,
I know them,
I’ve felt them before.
I was reeling,
In feelings,
I felt from a *****.
But now I’ve moved on,
That’s all in the past.
She’s out of my life, she’s gone,
I knew that **** wouldn’t last.

Then why, I ask,
Do I feel this way?
Towards the girl I love,
The girl that loves me.
I sit and I think,
About the feelings and thoughts,
That seem to come about,
When it seems I’ve forgot,
That she really cares,
Like nobody before,
Much more than Heather,
That stupid-*** *****.

Let’s think a second here,
She smokes and drinks beer,
Along with these habits,
Comes unending fear,
That she likes other addiction,
More than our love,
More than our friction,
Cause when push comes to shove,
I’ll let her shove me,
Right down the stairs,
Before I create some part of her,
That will need repairs,
Years and years from now,
If she ever left,
If she ever up and,
Stole my heart out my chest,
And ran and ran,
Blood spewing and spraying,
Like love was a game,
That is just meant for playing.

And she talks to this guy,
A past sugar daddy,
He thinks that he’s sly,
With Britney and Maddie,
And Courtney and Tia,
In all corners of the world,
He’s got girls that will be a,
Nice ***** for him,
And he likes my baby,
And she says she misses him,
So maybe... just maybe,
If she goes to Canada,
And decides to meet him,
They’ll get in a situation,
Where she decides to treat him...

I know this will never happen,
But there will always be the fear,
That one of us will **** up,
So I worry the end is near.
Soon I’ll gain trust,
This won’t last forever,
But, until then,
Trust issues I’ll sever,
I’ll cut them all off,
One by one,
Because feeling this feeling,
Is anything but fun.
Apr 2019 · 346
Restore My Essence
Sketcher Apr 2019
I have allowed her,
To take my underwear and shirt,
Nine days without her,
And now it really ******* hurts,
Pride has been swallowed,
My feelings have all been destroyed,
Now I feel hollow,
My heart is simply just a void,
A dark empty space,
Only one way to recover,
I must see her face,
Her soft lips I’ll rediscover,
Slow kissing a while,
As essence is being restored,
Pull back, see her smile,
Now the essence is in the core,
I can feel again,
She has given me back my soul,
She’s the only one,
That can make me quickly feel whole,
I will reach for her,
She will reach for me,
We will be happy,
For eternity,
She’s my other half,
She would say that is gay,
I’m gay for this girl,
Forever and Always,
An optimistic outlook comes into play when I have the honor of holding her close.
Apr 2019 · 238
Day 10
Sketcher Apr 2019
You are back.
               back in our city.
               back in my time zone.
                             my beautiful baby.
          Soon to be my own again.
          Soon to be in my arms again.
          Soon, her and I, and nobody else.
                                   I won’t have to share her.
Her body will be mine.
                  Will she enjoy our time?
                           She will!
                                   Will I?
               Of course I will.             And I shall take every  course  of action to make sure she enjoys herself.
She will.
     I will.
     I will be in heaven.
                         Heaven will be on earth.
                          I hope I will see her soon.        That is my only hope.
      Without my hope, my lover, my everything, I am sure to go insane.
    How can I tell?
   Is it what I can feel?  
     Or what I can’t?
                       Can’t you see it?
                    I think you can...
                    I am losing all control...
                    I am going insane...
                    I am.
Ngssg3 Oaekm Tbeie Blhl: Eeel( Itri< Noin/

I made a language... Can you decode???
Apr 2019 · 190
Day 9
Sketcher Apr 2019
Past 8 Days: </3
Sunday: <3

There’s two types of missing you.

Firstly, I think about you as a person and I miss hugging you, kissing you, holding your hand, running my fingers through your hair, making you smile, making you laugh... making you happy...
                           ...I miss making you happy.

Secondly, I think about *** and I miss slow kissing, touching your *******, touching your ****, rubbing you out, grinding, all forms of teasing, *** in any position... whatever makes you happy...
                           ...I miss making you happy.

                    I miss being your happiness.
                I miss my happiness.
           I miss you.
See you soon, baby <3
Apr 2019 · 767
Day 8
Sketcher Apr 2019
An hour goes by, and a raindrop falls,
I look up to the sky, while receiving no calls,
No texts from my lover, because she’s sound asleep,
So, what happens to me, I get lost in a dream…

I walk into school ten minutes after seven,
I sit down all alone and then I am beckoned,
Over to a kid who wants me to teach lessons,
Based on Japanese culture in a matter of seconds,
Cause school’s about to start and he didn’t study,
I couldn’t care less, I’m like, “Bro, I’m not your buddy.
Stop bothering me and stop trying to act funny,
Go ask your Asian sister, that *****, Mrs. Chun Lee,
She’s a smart Asian girl, so go ask her for advice,”
He just glares for a second and then he leaves my side,
I see my girl walk in the room and I’m quickly tongue-tied,
No words come out my mouth, but the mouth is open wide,
In-between inconceivable mumbles I kiss her,
But words aren’t enough to express how much I’ve missed her,
I feel so clingy wrapped around her like it’s Twister,
The guy from earlier walks by and has the ***** to diss her,
I slowly get up from my comfortable position,
Right hook to his face to remind him his decision,
Lacked any compassion and my perfect precision,
Broke his glasses in half, now in school that’s called division,
My math teacher walks by and quickly gives me an A,
The bell rings and my girl says, “I don’t wanna be late”,
I say, “But, baby… first period is our date.”
Too my surprise she takes my hand and says, “Okay”,
We walk to the dugout and find a bench to sit,
She sits on my lap and I feel her ****,
Keeps my hands warm, but not as warm as this:
She undoes her buckle and I go towards the ****,
Slipped under jeans and underneath the *******,
Feel her up everywhere, yeah, every nook and cranny,
A little bit of teasing, because that’s what she fancies,
After ******* quick, I ask if she can scan these,
Two big ***** and my six-inch ****,
She buckles her belt, gets up and checks a clock,
We got forty more minutes and now she’s looking shocked,
Cause I whipped it out fast and she eyes it like a hawk,
Cause it’s throbbing and hot and ready to be used,
I’m sitting there wide open, ready to be amused,
Like a magnet she lurches, and she’s quickly fused,
Mouth to ****, I said, “Slow down!”, but then she refused,
This girl has got it down and I’m soon to ***,
It feels so good that my mind goes dumb,
I start thrusting my hips and her eyes spun,
Back in her head and she’s choking on gum,
That’s exactly what it sounded like at least,
Until I convulsed a few times and then I ceased,
Cause I came and that **** had sprayed and then leaked,
Straight down the throat and my girl, she had shrieked,
A gurgle of a shriek, but a shriek nonetheless,
But you could see in her eyes that she had no regret,
As a matter of fact, she looked practically possessed,
Possessed with satisfaction upon my request,
We were both ready for round number two,
I pulled my pants down, she took off her shoes,
To take her pants off so I could abuse,
Her tight twitching **** with five-star reviews,
She hovered a second and slowly lowered down on,
My quickly recovered **** and then went to town on,
The **** like it was the only thing she could count on,
To bring her joy in this world, but then I turned the frown on,
Her face… well it was more of a hungry pout,
I steadied her body and told her all about,
Slow *** and its greatness, but she had doubted,
That it was that great, so she rerouted,
To rocket speed and I grabbed that ***,
I never thought that hips could move this fast,
I’ll tell you one thing though, this ******,
Could never in one thousand years ever surpass,
Any other experience, but I say that every time,
Cause *** with her is sure to be sublime,
Then after we finish, she likes to climb,
All over me while I tell her she’s mine,
Snuggles after *** is the greatest thing,
Cause you’re out of energy and just want to cling,
Closely to your partner and that’s all during,
The cooing and protecting and the safely securing,
Of my baby in my arms, it’s just the greatest,
Right after this happened, school was canceled,
I had to make sure my baby was happily handled,
I took her out to a movie and candlelit dinner,
At the end of the day I felt like a winner,
Her parents invited me over to spend the night,
I happily accepted with surprised delight,
They sent us too her room to get out of their hair,
And at this point, I was finally aware,
I was sadly dreaming, and my baby was still in France,
This figment of my imagination can’t get in my pants,
Sadly, I woke up misconstrued a few minutes later,
And thought to myself, definitely one of the greater,
Dreams I had in the past few nights,
Most of my dreams have been full of frights,
Nightmares come more often than not,
Now I had dreamt of my baby, I had got,
A taste of whatever was soon to come,
I laid back down, this time feeling numb,
Missing my baby with all of my heart,
Felt like I was being pulled apart,
Piece by piece with a small pair of plyers,
Fell asleep again and had a dream of a fire,
The fire burned everything including my baby,
This was a normal dream, the dreams that I hated,
I woke up quickly in an irritated sweat,
Got out of my bed which was soaking wet,
With sweat and *** and tears and drool,
I was unmotivated and out of fuel,
I walked to the closest road I could find,
Sadly, my mental health rapidly declined,
A car came at me and I thought it would stop,
But I was hit and dead without a second thought,
After this happened, I woke up again,
I was twenty-three years old. I swiftly sprung out of my sheets and studied my surroundings. I was in quite the stunning house and in the bed I had leapt out of, lay my silent sleeping sunshine, the love of my life, Mia. Now I had to ask the significant questions… am I still in a dream? In this specific reality, is Mia my girlfriend, wife, or perhaps a close friend that happened to stop by and passed out in my bed? And the most important question of them all… where did the poetry format go?
Pretty visual if I do say so myself...
Apr 2019 · 236
Day 7 (7’s)
Sketcher Apr 2019
On our 77th day together, that day is supposedly the best day to start a job.
On our 70th day together, the AMC Marvel Marathon is in progress.
On our 63rd day together, you are back from Paris and we are finishing up our first week of school together since your return.
Tomorrow will be our 56th day together.
49 days after we got together was the last time I saw you.
42 days after we got together, my exchange student left.
35 days after we got together was the first time I told you I got kicked out of my house.
28 days after we got together, my sister crafted a heart for you made of thread and nails.
21 days after we got together was the first time we talked about living together.
14 days after we got together, the first **** talk about us started.
7 days after we got together, you went to the creepy dentist.
We got together on Valentines Day:
❤️ February 14th ❤️
7 is our favorite number. Today is the 7th day of poems, so here are numbers that go into 7, and multiples of 7. uwu
Apr 2019 · 110
9 Year Olds Poem
Sketcher Apr 2019
We like hanging out together,
Even in the stormy weather,
Riding bikes, holding hands,
Walking in the hot sands,
A little kiss now and then,
From two little tiny men,
Who only walk upside down,
With a crazy looking frown,
They are to be buds,
And #1 studs,
They always make eachother laugh,
Even when they’re doing their math,
Funny, funny, hahaha all the way,
That’s how it went for the rest of the day.
I found a poem I wrote when I was 9... so... 8 years ago... enjoy I guess... /:
Apr 2019 · 76
Day 6
Sketcher Apr 2019
Inperceivable problems of the past,
Countless current conversions,
Manifold future interferences,
And then there’s you...

Complications, dilemmas, disputes,
Contradictions, counters, and refutes,
Authenticity diminishes and dilutes,
The truth, the principle, and it’s proof,
And then there’s you...

Complicated comments and concepts,
Simply a disturbance, a diversion,
From my feeble-minded intellect,
But now I am thinking,
What good comes of the smarts in a man,
If I am on one side, I look towards the other,
And then there’s you...
Separate from me...
Separate from my problems...
I take no action...
I say I don’t need help...
I turn away...
I look back once more...
Your hand is on my shoulder...
And you remind me...
We are in this together...
Forever and Always...
Separate from my problems, yet able solve them with ease. The problems are only difficult in the mind of the subject. Luckily, at such an early age, I found my soulmate. Forever and Always...
Apr 2019 · 40
Day 5
Sketcher Apr 2019
Sometimes I stop and think.
Right now, I’m thinking.
I think I’m going insane.

How did I get here?
Where am I now,
If I am soon to arrive at insanity?

I’ve been knocked off track.
I’ve stepped out of line.
Without you, Mia...
                                                 ...I’m aimless.

I’m in a constant state of worry.
I’m in a constant state of panic.
I’m in a constant state of insanity.

I’ve been separated from my other half.
That’s half of my soul that up and left.
Soon to be back, but for now... insanity...

She is a magnet and so am I.
Some parts of me attract her.
Some parts of me don’t.
She will force the metal together,
Whether it pulls or pushes away.
She will forever despise Heather...
                I will always love Aim.
Apr 2019 · 245
My Valentine
Sketcher Apr 2019
My mind goes weak at the thought of you. I’ve only known you for a couple weeks so the broader view of this situation isn’t visible yet. I’ll give all possible love to offer you. Through blood and sweat and tears, my love. Attempting to remove our fears and rise above stupid **** that will try to hold us back. I’ll admit that I’ve been mentally attacked in the past by a ***** named Heather, so my trust issues sore higher than ever. Also, my confidence levels at rock bottom, but whatever. I’ve never found a good person, but I’ve sought em’ and you seem just like the type of uncommon person that’s willing to blossom into something amazing we don’t see very often, creating an awesome relationship... something I’ve never gotten, but been wanting. I really hope that we are more than just compatible. The thought that a guy like me can make you happy is magical. Since meeting up with you, I have truly been blessed. Now I fantasize and long for your head on my chest. I’m seeing clearly. I’m happy. I’m not love blind. I know that I love you throughout my heart and mind. I want to be there to cure your loneliness. You’ve actually removed all of my strife. Please continue to wriggle your way straight into my life. You’ve removed the darkness and showed me where the sun shines. Now I ask you the question:

“Will you be my Valentine?”
Created the day before Valentine’s Day for the girl of my dreams...

She said, “yes”...

I couldn’t be any luckier of a guy...

Apr 2019 · 97
Day 4
Sketcher Apr 2019
There will be days when the sun brightly shines,
The morning birds chirping,
And your beauty to blind,
My sight upon waking at a late time.
There will be days when we sleep in till’ noon,
Not busy and not stressed,
Maybe nothing to do,
You might sleep talk and I’ll say, “I love you.”
There will be days when I cook you breakfast,
Bring the food to our bed,
Back to our little nest,
And give forehead kisses upon request.
There will be days when we have the day off,
We might watch a movie,
About couples that scoff,
In funny ways, while I rub out the soft.

But there will be nights when you’re feeling cold,
Not wanting to live,
Then of course I’ll give,
A blanket, a smile, and a hand to hold.
There will be nights where you’ll question your worth,
You will keep asking why,
You’ve been put on this earth,
I’ll shrink your worries, from ocean to firth.
There will be nights when the stars don’t sparkle,
The dark can be scary,
But I’ll have strawberries,
So many dipped in chocolate and caramel.
There will be nights when the world is ending,
And I will be lending,
My love your way, spending,
The last few moments of the impending,
Doom that we’re in mentally ascending,
While the pretenders are out pretending,
Attending an unending fending for themselves,
When all I can think of is your well-being and health,
I will hold your head close to my chest,
I will rub your back to steady your breath,
I will whisper, “Baby, everything will be fine,”
Then we’ll be back in our bed like time said, “Rewind!”,
You’ll whimper and pout, sure you’ll be sad,
I mean, look around… this **** is bad,
But if you’re in my arms and you choose to squeeze tighter,
Then whatever the setting, you’ll make the scene brighter.

Some mornings, you’ll wake, and you’ll be in Venice,
And I will be quite far,
5,400 miles away,
But no matter how far away you are,
My love will extend to the furthest of reaches,
My lovely scone that’s full of peaches,
Don’t let the distance make your love for me hazy,
Only one more week till’ I see you again, baby.
Can you tell I love her more than anything???
Apr 2019 · 74
Day 3
Sketcher Apr 2019
Can’t fall asleep when she’s not in my bed, let alone out of town.
Memories of us stuck in my head, so I sit and drown.
Drown the thoughts of us out of my brain, until I have no thoughts.
I think that I am slowly going insane, I guess I was caught.
I was caught in her tight love grasp, squeezing ever tighter.
I choose to stay put in her palm and gasp, cause I’m not a fighter.
I fight for what I love and that is all, therefore I’m a lover.
She’s my little girl, yeah, she ain’t tall,
Yet there’s nothing I place above her.
We’ve never been apart this long, the aching feels much worse.
Being far apart feels so wrong, like a one week, two day curse.
Nine days without my baby,
I wonder if she misses me,
For now that’s just a maybe,
She proves it when she kisses me.
She proves it when she hugs me close,
Squeezing me oh so tight,
When she whispers, “I love you”, in my ear,
I love you, baby <3 Goodnight <3
Apr 2019 · 105
Day 2
Sketcher Apr 2019
She ain’t in Paris yet, yet I’ve perished. Let these words entrap you in a nervous sweat. No, I’m not upset. No, not even worried. Forgot all past regrets. All the past has been buried. She’s my loyal girl and I’m hella lucky. I run my hands through her curls as she asks, “Will you **** me?” In the past I’ve written love, but tonight’s a different story. I’m talking bout’ lust, like when you’re feeling *****. Like when you wanna pin their cute little arms down on the bed and send your best regards straight through your **** and out into their *****, getting caught up in the glory, whether shaved or bushy... Or she’s hoppin’ on the **** and I’m holding that ***. I’m tryna’ hold her steady but she wants to go fast. It’s the tease that I’m after. I want to make her want it. We were taking a shower. She had the soap and then she dropped it. Went in from behind. She looked back all surprised. Mouth wide open and tears in her eyes. Faster, in and out. She came seven times. After four hours, I had to draw the line. Next thing you know, we are out eating at a fancy dinner. Not enough seating. I have my baby sit nicely on my lap. Lucky me, it’s a skirt. So close to the gap. Move over ******* and unzip my jeans. She has no idea that I’ve just set the scene. As the waiter comes by and asks for our order,
I tease her a bit. Rub my **** around the border. My girl scoots an inch in the right direction. The perfect accident. Not even my intention. Now I’m six inches deep and she accidentally moans. Her parents didn’t hear her. They were busy on the phone. Busy with adulting. Yeah, some important ****. Not important as my girl falling on my ****. Later that night, we get back home. I sit on the sofa and she sits on the throne. The throne is my **** and my **** is hard. Her parents are with some dogs out in the yard. Now she’s wearing shorts, so I slip off my pants.
Okay, I’m done lusting, cause my baby is in France. I miss her so much. I’m done with the lust. Back to the love. The lust is not a must. Tomorrow I write love and every other day I’ll show my appreciation in quite a lovely way.
Quite the lustful poem. Could very well be seen as disturbing. ****!
Apr 2019 · 379
Day 1
Sketcher Apr 2019
Almost two months through our story line. Today is day number forty-nine. Since the beginning, you've proven more benign than any past girl that was stuck in my mind. You're careful with my heart. You won't drop and shatter it. Sure, this is just the start. But, that doesn't matter. It will go smoothly for the rest of eternity, On the road of love, I will drive carefully. And so will your captain on your trip to Paris and Venice. ****, that's tremendous. We won't focus on the past and we won't focus on the premise. Our future seems bright so I guess I should let us part for a while, while you're on your trip. Make sure not to stumble onto some Frenchmans ****. I know you value loyalty, and so do I. I promise to take care of myself and stay alive, as long as you are taking care of yourself, cause daddy won't be there to help you excel, and he will get sad, but he knows you'll come back. Every day that you're gone is yet another crack in my heart, but it's fine. You'll come back in eight or nine days and I'll write for you every day, putting my appreciation on display, Don't forget me while you're lost in your fun, This is the first day of poems and now I'm done...
She gonna be gone and I gonna be strong...
Mar 2019 · 293
Hey There Delilah
Sketcher Mar 2019
Hey there Delilah,
What's it like in your ******,
I'm a thousand miles away,
But girl, I smell that **** from China.
Yes, I can.
I've got a nice white mini-van,
Lemme tie them hands.

Hey there Delilah,
Don't you worry about the distance,
I will be there in a jiffy,
Give this song another listen,
I'm by your side,
I came fast and now I'll slap your thighs,
And cover your eyes.

Oh, you've got some nice tiddies.
Oh, I'll give you STD's.
Oh, I'll tie you to a tree.
Oh, I'll ******* till' you bleed.
******* till' you bleed.

Hey there Delilah,
You know my **** is getting hard,
But just believe me, girl
Someday I'll let you out of this here car,
We'll have it good,
I'll have your life, you'll have my wood,
Just like you should.

Hey there Delilah,
I've got so much **** to say,
Why write you ten thousand songs,
When I could rub your **** all day,
I'd rub it hard,
From house, to school, to pool, to plane, to yard,
I'll leave some scars.

Oh, you've got some nice tiddies.
Oh, I'll give you STD's.
Oh, I'll tie you to a tree.
Oh, I'll ******* till' you bleed.
******* till' you bleed.

I wish upon a summer star,
****** strings for my guitar,
I think that's gross so I must be gay,
My friends will all make fun of you,
Degrading lies like, "You're a Jew",
You'll try to run but I will make you stay,
Delilah, I can promise you,
That one and one always makes two,
And two people create the greatest games,
Great ***** games!

Hey there Delilah,
You be good, and don't you diss me,
Cause, you're the sub and I'm the dom,
And you will be history if you do,
You'll end up in some cannibal stew,
The liver to swallow and the skin to chew,
Doing like cannibals do,
Like cannibals do.

Oh, you've got some nice tiddies.
Oh, I'll give you STD's.
Oh, I'll tie you to a tree.
Oh, I'll ******* till' you bleed.
******* till' you bleed.
idk man... just roll with it...
Mar 2019 · 168
Counting Sheep
Sketcher Mar 2019
I text my girl,
She leaves me on read,
Then she says she's tired,
And I say I'm dead,
Then she asks why,
And I say because,
I'm not getting kisses,
And I'm not getting hugs,
And I don't know,
The next time I'll see you,
So I'll sleep and I'll sleep,
Until I've received my cue,
To come on over,
Or she comes to me,
I have to have hope,
I have to believe,
That this girl won't leave,
I really hope she'll stay,
Cause if she ever left,
I'd have one more day,
To figure out,
How I'm going to die,
Then **** myself,
Cause ***** being alive,
If I have to live,
Without my girl,
My sweet sweet baby,
My entire world,
My entire universe,
The planets the stars,
The slowest of snails,
The fastest of cars,
My everything,
Makes me want,
To rap and sing,
And write about,
Her pretty face,
Her perfect ***,
Her sweet embrace,
I miss it so,
I'll go to sleep,
I may wake up,
From this long dream,
Then I'll go back,
To counting sheep,
Missing her back,
To counting sheep.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7...
Mar 2019 · 342
Squeezing My Heart
Sketcher Mar 2019
I should be sleeping, but my heart is being squeezed by something unknown. It can't be conceived. It has to do with my girl, I couldn't live without her. I'm the clam, shes the pearl. Open the mouth and I'm prouder. I show her off to the world, cause she's such a beauty. I'm scared she will leave me cause it's not in her duty to stand by me forever and cherish my name. But I'll cherish hers forever, whether Mia or Aim. I'll never stop the love, it will keep pouring out. Out of my heart and my mind and my soul and my route is the route that leads to her state of content. Yes, take my worn shirts if you really want the scent. Take my heart while you're at it, baby it's yours. Drain all the essence from my glowing core. You are all mine and I am all yours. I won't stop caring for the one I adore. I want you to be happy and left satisfied. I want you to have fun and soon be my bride. I'm rambling now and I dont think I'll stop making poems out of love and setting you atop all things that may try and stand in our way. Have a goodnight and tomorrow, good day. I miss your head on my chest as we fell asleep. I felt your breath on my neck and you listened to the beat of my heart that constantly yearns for your presence. I'm a stupid buzzkill that is constantly jealous. So I'm lucky as **** to have someone like you. I'm not by your side, so what the **** do I do? I sit and write poems until I fall asleep. I've tried warm milk and music. I've tried counting sheep. Sure, now I'm alone in my cold empty bed. But soon I'll have the grace of my chest under your head. Please dont give my heart back, cause it's not for borrow. I love you, baby girl. I'll see you tomorrow. I'll remove the vice that's been squeezing. His name has been fright. I love you, I love you! <3 <3 <3 And with that, my love, goodnight.
I should really be sleeping.
Mar 2019 · 168
Sketcher Mar 2019
I want to see her. She wants to die.
When she feels sad, then I'll take my life. Take my life and place it right next to hers, so I can make her happy and give her what she deserves. I want to comfort and she wants to run to another guys house where I'm afraid they'll have fun in a way that makes me jealous as hell. If that happens then I'll say, "Oh well". I guess I'm just sad and I should get over it. I'm happy and lucky in this relationship. I'm stuck, because she needs a place to go, but her stupid-*** mom won't let her up and grow into the beautiful woman that she is and ought to be. So now all she wants to do is up and leave. But she can't come here or her parents will call the police. She's not a little kid and I don't come in peace. I want to yell at her mom and break her knees so she'll stay and listen to my stupid-*** plea. I want my girl in every day of my life. I want to love her and remove her strife so she'll never feel sad ever again. These are my feelings and this is the end.
I'm just a stupid, rebellious, lovestruck teen.
Mar 2019 · 90
Sketcher Mar 2019
She says soon. Soon you're mine for keeps. Soon, I'll remove your clothes. Soon, I'll kiss your cheeks. Soon, I'll hold you close. Soon I'll show you love. Soon I'll sleep with you. And then we'll raise above, that feeling we once knew. That feeling that brought us pain, that made us want to die. Crying in the rain while we stand and fantasize. Fantasize about things that seem impossible to get, but now we have these things, so why is there a pit in my stomach, when we are both so attuned. It might be because, she keeps saying soon...
Feb 2019 · 184
Waltzing Into Insanity
Sketcher Feb 2019
The longer that you're gone, the more I feel insane. When you come back, I'm afraid I won't be the same. I've been stabbed and strangled and I've lost all my brawn. The hair will be mangled and the teeth will be gone. The shoes will be muddy and the bruises, there's a lot. The nose will be ****** and the eyes bloodshot. Both arms out the sockets and both legs in a knot. I bought a tiny necklace locket with a pic of the man I fought. He looks like me but I assure you, he's not. This person wasn't found. For this person I have sought. But this person can't be located in any one spot. Cause this person is with me no matter where I go. This person beats me up and I'd like you all to know that this man must be... he has to be a ghost. There's no doubt about it. He steals my buttered toast. My ribs hurt, but I doubt that I'm starving. The food goes down my throat, but he still must be robbing from my intestines and the warmth from my coat is being stolen like the float from my boat and the **** from my colon. The boats float was stolen so I'm sinking in the ocean blue. I'm feeling this way because there goes the crew. The captain and the sailors have all left the scene. No more broom men left to tidy so the woods all rotten and green. I'm sinking here alone and I would like my float back. Her name is Mia, shes amazing and she keeps me on track. I love my lil float more than any lil thing. I hope she loves me back and continues to cling onto me forever in our sweet state of bliss. I end this with an "I love you" and a "I sincerely miss".
Feb 2019 · 403
Off The Scales!!!
Sketcher Feb 2019
Love you the slightest? Love you off the scales!!! Feeling like nukes dropping and trains derailed. Like pill popping and **** inhaled. Like time stopping and towers scaled. Like the whopping beauty being all unveiled. Super intense like fifty different drugs being shoved down the throat all at once. Super serene like a beautiful view on an oceans shore, classic music on cue. Super insane, like who in their right mind would fall for a guy with half a brain devoted to **** that seems basic and plain and cant ******* flirt without a bottle of champagne and the other brains half is going through pain  and my current life path has me in the wrong lane and I cant go through anything that causes major change, cause I'm a xenophobic ***** that likes to complain. Yeah, sure, everybody's got problems. Yeah, sure, there's always a way to solve em'. Yeah, sure, I look like a hobo druggy. But **** yes, I'm hella ******* lucky! I'll continue to love you off the scales while I'm slowly spilling out my entrails through lyrical stunts and poetic rhymes. I'll continue this until the end of time. <3 <3 <3
Feb 2019 · 167
Stuck In Unity
Sketcher Feb 2019
She's got issues believing I love her, cause she's a doubter. That really ******* ***** when I've gone eight days without her and have no way to prove it to her. Her confidence, I try to improve it and pursue her with the utmost competence. But out goes my humor and there goes my bottomless dominance with fewer words and more of my lustful providence. Incompetence is always on her mind and I'm always like, "Girl, you're doing fine." Anxiety has her worrying, but I know she's really trying. She knows I feel like dying every single time that she has to go away and her parents hold her back from this relationship, it's gay. And now I feel the need to attack people that talk **** about us and how they say we just want ***. They say that there's no love, I say, "*****, I'll cut your neck." Step back, mind your own, or you're going to get hurt. I'm busy on my throne and my girl has got my shirt. I'm a king, you're a peasant, ***** you can't find real love. I know it stings, but that doesn't mean you get to push and shove and punch anyone who's got a thing going. Like *****, you really think you're blowing away our opportunities, but nope. We're stuck in unity. I'll never leave this girl unless there's a betrayal. Shes the Oregon to my trail. The hammer to my nail. And when she's with me, I know I'll never fail. Cause the incentive is raised and my ship is assail. Across all seven seas in the shake of a tail. Whatever I do, with you, I'll prevail. I love you now and the loving wont stop. I picked you up from the bottom and stood you at the top. I'm so proud of you in every possible way. I hope you keep loving me baby, have a nice day.
The love wont stop.
Feb 2019 · 60
Magnetic Love
Sketcher Feb 2019
I'm in love. It's that simple. I'm in love. I feel like I can rise above everything in my constant state of happiness, but then she leaves me and I'm sad in my other state of sappiness. I text her things while she's gone, trying to express how much I care. How I long for her body in my arms and her soft flowing hair in my fingers and how the scent still lingers from last nights *** caused by lovely teasing triggers and her asking, "What happens next?". I've been drawn in too deep and I don't want to leave, cause this love is not cheap and it's pretty easy to thieve. But I'm pretty sure this love is true and we both feel the same, cause I'm still feeling blue and I'm still feeling pain. I do understand love doesn't take this away. We'll still hurt in our anguish, we'll still writhe and we'll ache. We still have to take part in the chaotic piece of the play. So sing during your skit and everything will be okay. Play your part in life and don't forget your lines. You must endure the strife until your end of times. Until the credits roll and your names in shining lights. Read the script, understand your role, please be wise. Love is suffering when there's any length between, the two lovers loving from their heart loving machines. Like magnets must be in pain when they're that far apart, but still close enough to gravitate towards their red and silver hearts. We are magnets and that pull is our love, and this love isn't stagnant cause its flowing out my gloves when you hold my hands in the cold winter weather, showing me the love that I couldn't get from Heather. I'm sorry I just went there, but it was a rhyming opportunity, back then I couldn't think of anything except her and I in unity. That one way love that wasn't going anywhere, where she would only take and I would only share. But now I am happy most of the time, when I'm not with you then I'll continue with my rhymes. The two things that end up making me happy every single day, writing poetry when shes not here, and when she is, my girlfriend Aim.
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