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Feb 2019
Living under time management ideas
As if the decision was ours
Night time seems never ideal
No time to question  schedules or hours

Insomnia has chosen me
Ignoring these standards
And if it was on me
To chose her or not

And if I had the power
To decide my living fate
I would still be married to her

Because insomnia keeps you awake
She loves your eyelashes
Moving up and down
What else could I choose
other than those who love me?

And insomnia will keep you awake
No intention to bother, maybe
No intention to creep down your tense shoulders

And still
I would choose her
Sans hesitation
No other temptation

Because Night time is for the hungry
Night time won’t tell you you are wasting time
Night time is the ring insomnia carried the day she proposed

And so I sometimes wear the ring
It’s cold and simple
Nothing interesting for those
who have decided to dream
with their eyes closed

But to me, night time has no boundaries
The ring fits us well
The poets and the thinkers

But beware because this ring is also carried by the harmful
They steal the ring off a thinker once in a while
They are silent and could be watching you
Not owning their personal marriage to Insomnia
Only thinking to commit selfish acts
Waiting for you to forget about the ring and the vowel
Waiting for you to manage the little time He’s told you own

Beware of being awake too
He could confuse you with the harmful man
Because you are awake and only those who chose to ignore the imaginative scarcity of time are made to start a revolution for life

So sleep tomorrow, or the next week
Because tonight is all you have guaranteed as your thinking time.
January 6th, 2018
Finished writing this one by 8 AM after trying to sleep all night
Eloisa Aguirre
Written by
Eloisa Aguirre  21/F
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