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Jan 2019
My Changing World.
I look around my house.
First of all, my bedroom,
My queen bed,
That I shared with my sister,
For the longest time, is no longer there.
I have a bunk bed now.
My old dresser, that I needed help,
reaching the top,
Is no longer there.
Next, my living room,
My old box tv is gone,
My old couch, that,
We had to cover up
with a brown cover,
Because of all of its wear,
was replaced with a new,
leather one.
My brother’s room,
Used to be my sister’s.
Instead of the little,
toddler bed, it’s a twin bed.
Guess he’s not
Such a baby anymore.
When I look outside,
Where I have spent
most of my afternoons,
Rain or snow,
sun, or shade.
Our tree is gone,
that was there forever it seems.
All that is left now is its stump.
Our basketball hoop,
More rust each year,
Where countless people,
Have attempted countless shots.
We now have a soccer goal,
Which has had many,
many, shots taken at it,
Many missed, many goals.
We no longer have our swingset,
Which my sister and I,
spent several hours on.
We did keep one slide though.
The one we used to set up
by our mini pool,
And splash into it,
Like we were having,
the time of our lives.
Some things haven’t changed,
Like the memories,
we all have of everything,
And they never will.
Written by
laura  14/F/US
       Terry Jordan, Sparkle in Wisdom and Perry
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