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Nov 2018
"Same Creator"
See that woman standing on the street corner with hardly any clothes on to wear, that's me you see there,
See that rich white woman in that movie, that's me on TV,
See that girl with the pretty skin that you called a ******, that's me & I'm no different,
See that old woman there that you make fun of because she forgot her name, that's me all the same,
See the girl in the fancy dress with all the fancy things abound, that's me safe & sound,
See that woman in the uniform with dust & debris, that's me sent overseas,
See that woman that preaches about God, that's me talking about Jesus,
See I'm every woman & I'm every girl no matter where she came from, no matter her skin color, no matter where she's born and no matter her circumstances because we're all from the same Creator,
So no one is less and no one is greater! ~SacredInkedBlood Β©11/18
Β©2018 Anna Ven Jencie Clifton Arnold
Also Author Ven J. Arnold on FB. We all bleed the same. We all have the same Creator.
Venjencie Clifton Arnold
Written by
Venjencie Clifton Arnold  F/Tennessee
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