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Nov 2018
I was always told that because I have my father’s temper as well my mother’s insanity,

I should stay away from anything that makes my heart fill with warmth, and my eyes fill with stars

Because my natural tendency is to destroy everything good that comes my way.

It’s as if I am a hurricane sweeping through a city, destroying the beautiful architecture and nature;

With a single touch I have the capability to turn things that were once gold into a rusty penny you find on a sidewalk.

You see, I never met anyone who could make my heart fill with warmth and my eyes fill with stars until I met you

The trail of destruction I left in the past was ignored when you smiled at me

Yet I still chose to ignore the reminder echoing in my mind like an alarm.

I’ve never been one to listen to advice so,

I held your fragile heart in my hands and hoped it would be the one to break the streak of destruction.

But in the end, I ruined you 
Just like I was warned about as a child.
- jn
Written by
- jn  21/F/Ontario
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