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Sep 14
I asked you not to touch me, I walked away from you.
I asked you not to kiss me, that is not something I wanted to do.
I told you I had a boyfriend, more than I should have had to.

I told you to stop, when you took off your pants.
I wanted to have fun, not to give you a chance.
I know I drank too much, and that was my fault;
But you should have listened, when I told you to stop.

I was there for my friend, you took me away from her.
Why can't you understand, you didn't even care.
You shoved me to my knees, a taste I will always remember;
I begged, I cried, I broke, on that night in December.

You pushed me on my back, I couldn't even stand.
You forced yourself inside, what a worthless little man.
Then you told your buddies, I bet it was a good story.
You probably were proud, and soaked in lots of glory.

Then I was so broken, as I heard the whispers around.
They didn't know the truth, how you shoved me to the ground.
They didn't know how scared I was, how you forced yourself upon me.
It isn't right, It isn't fair, I am forever haunted by the memory.
No Means NO
Written by
autumn-rachelle  21/F/Texas
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