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May 2018
Changes in the tide
The oceans in my life
in which the Moon Goddess "Selena"
Controls the flow of my mood that crashes like "waves"
called "strides."
Beautiful, clear, and warm waters
Sometimes can become cold, dark, and frozen.
However, they have been tested, after the Moon Goddess sees to it, a change..
To this "weather Pattern.."
The sometimes heavy Tsnaumi's simmer down to peaceful waves.
Back, once again, to warm and peaceful waters.
Soothing and bright rays of light sent in their rightful alignment of passion and discipline that is rightful and stern.
Take a swim in these waters that are what make up my "world's water of my character and mood.."
A truly delightful experience of a resort to visit upon the scattered islands
that are parts of my "creative mood and personality"
Now, escape your world and enter mine.
Now enjoy the waters that are as made up of my own Truths, Moods, Life's Tides, and my own Reality.
Kevin Michael Kappler
Written by
Kevin Michael Kappler  Illinois
   Salmabanu Hatim
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