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May 2018
The stars will not tell you anything,
if you know not how to read them.
Words on a page will say nothing to you,
if you cannot interpret the language.
The same is how life works.
You cannot expect to understand someone,
if you know not their hardship.
You will never be able to love someone,
without first falling for them.
In a world of instant gratification,
these concepts are hard to grasp,
and therefore rejected.
Because it is easier to ignore the truth.
More convenient.
Less effort required.
These things make an idea more appealing.
When all they really do is limit our ability.
Our ability to think,
anything for ourselves.
The things that we believe extend our freedom,
only serve to slowly diminish it.
It's funny how things happen so slowly that we barely even notice them. Until it's already too late, of course
Written by
stargazer  16/Other/in between the lines
(16/Other/in between the lines)   
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