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Mar 2018
Give me your youth, feed me your time
You've come to me first, but now you are mine

Feed me your story, give me your mind
Is there any more that you'd like me to find?

Now get in line, can you see all the eyes?
They're only expecting the best of your lies

Why make it work, when you can just go?
When red and blue mix, I don't like it so

Loved ones who care? Friends who would stay?
Whatever, it's not like you need them anyway

Just play with me some more, get into me deeper
I am after all, your only way to a keeper

Look at the lot of them, so happy and proud
You should march along, no dissent allowed

Matrices and columns is all that I know
Now just you wait for the ****** of my show

All of them are hooked, changing as they go
This perverted gallery soon is all they know

You think this might be bad, but it's just a taste
A mind is a beautiful thing to carelessly waste
Written by
Pyrhos  25
   J and Busbar Dancer
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