Mar 2018
I don't want you to be subtle anymore
Those little hints you give
Those quick glances of approval
How your hand accidentally brushes against mine
How you avert your eyes when I notice you staring
The touch of your hand upon my arm as you laugh at my jokes
Those little side comments that imply more than what was said
I want all of you
Stop holding back
Grab my hand and hold it with all of your might
Laugh with all of the oxygen your lungs will provide you with
Openly admire me with those dark analytical eyes
Speak the first nonsense that may enter your mind
Don't be afraid of the ****** walls and guidelines society has built
Let down your guard
Dispel your fear
I plead for you
To finally let your passion mirror that of mine
And let our flames burn in synchrony
And let this loving without restraint
Take it's own course
sofia l
Written by
sofia l  17/F/Virginia
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