Mar 7
I'm kind of stuck
At least... I think I am
Somewhere between telling everyone I know to fuck off
And "just please come hold me friend"

Some place in between an uneasy heart and hectic mind

"I'm depressed"
Can't I just say it without having to explain why?
Sometimes I don't even know which reason to choose

Short replies

"You seem like you don't want to talk"

You're right, but I also want to reach out
I want out
I want to let go of everything
And capture it all in my arms

like a fire fly in the palm of restless hands,
Just let me hold on to your light
Atleast, just for tonight

Because I'm feeling stuck.
HopelessOutlet M Knight
Written by
HopelessOutlet M Knight  27/M/NYC
         Black Jewelz, Cné, B, Tara Liz Driscoll, F and 138 others
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