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Jan 2018

There once was a show named “Chuck”
It didn’t have much luck

After five seasons it was gone
Oh it felt so wrong

For Chuck was about a nerd
Who ran with the herd

A fun loving guy in a comedy no less
Always making life a mess

Each episode an adventure or a quest
Making it fun to watch as a guest

It had all the right things
Even a girl with “talent” it brings

More bumbling than a bee
He reminded me of me

Sometimes hero and sometimes goat
Made him feel real and not remote

With a side kick and a crew
Each week your addiction grew

More laughs than a barrel of monkeys
Was the trigger that turned the keys

To my heart
Right from the start

Adieu I say to cast and show
If there is a movie or spinoff let me know.

Andreas Simic©
Andreas Simic
Written by
Andreas Simic  M
   Keith Wilson
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