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Jan 2018
Have you ever wanted something so badly,
You would do anything to get a hold of it?
Ever wanted something so badly,
You can't help but avoid it?
The simple thought of not having it boils you blood.

Your mind takes you far
You wonder, and imagine
Just what could you do if you had a grasp of it...

But you don't have it,
And the only thing that you can do is dread it.

It is impossible to get your attention away from it,
For everything reminds you of it.
It tortures you,
And it pleasures you.
It leaves you with a bittersweet scent.

One question remains

Would you be dangerous without it,

Or with it?

How far would you go to get it,

How far would you go to keep it?

Once you have it,

Would you ever let it go?
Marco Benitez
Written by
Marco Benitez
   Glennys Ross
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