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Jan 2018
I enjoyed your winning poem. Congrats.      R.L.

Advice on Women

A woman can be fragile thing
What you need to know is they’re like a bee that can sting

In your arms gentle and kind they may feel
What’s inside to be feared is also real

When you have that first kiss
Your mind goes instantly to future bliss

And that’s where the games begin
The moment that intellect kicks in

You think that you are on equal ground
Until those thoughts are proven unsound

For in a contest of wills
She'll give you more than just the chills

Long before the conversation is over you’re be worn out
Making you want to scream and shout

Every point made receives a counter punch
It is far better to end it now and have lunch

For women travel in a pack
Are you ready for a group attack

Though your ego will take a blow
It is your manhood that must now show

Once scorned it is better to go into retreat
Revenge is not something to repeat

For in the end you will lose it all
From their graces you shall fall

Better to live another day
Than to end it some other way

So there you have my advice at best
Realizing I say all this in jest

Andreas Simic©
This poem was an entry for a poetry contest. The parameters provided were to write something from the perspective of a jilted lover.
Andreas Simic
Written by
Andreas Simic  M
     Surbhi Dadhich and Imran Islam
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