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Dec 2017
I'm only human I know I’m not perfect,
Maybe the curses gifted to me were on purpose,
Maybe to suffer pain is my purpose,
But I'm still alive,
Refuse to lose to my pride,
That'll be Lucifer in your eyes,
I got a feeling that her heart isn't pure,
Or maybe I'm just being insecure,
But it's bugging me I got to know for sure,
My inner thoughts conflicted,
I remain dismissive,
It's indicative of how I cope with the stress,
I close myself away have you guess,
What's the weight bearing on my chest?
But at the same time I realise I'm blessed,
So what am I talking about?
What do I have to be depressed about?
I'm a misfit of society,
I blend in with those who hired me,
They're going to be the same ones that fired me,
But that will light a fire within me,
I've got a heart of a demon that's dreaming,
To be free of the heathen,
Just give me a reason to keep breathing,
And I’ll keep believing,
That there's a better way,
I might even pray,
The only I thing I ask for is to have Mercy on me,
Written by
BWriter  26/M
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