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Nov 2017
She told me to write
So here the letters toward a more complete sorrow
Splay themselves across the digital parchment
So I may find comfort or recluse, I do not know which one

She told me to love
Her like I had not been broken - a task in
Which I had failed to do, and gave in to the pain of
Having lost many a time before, what I lose again now

She told me to leave
Her so she may look up and see more than thoughts
That haunted her being - Of those I had loved before
Those others who have had me before she ever could

I told her to hold on
To wait a mere few days, to have faith and will
So we can mend what has been broken too many times
Before -

If I could make time unwind
I would,
And take back all the love I
Had so carelessly given
To those before her -
I would recollect every moment
Undo every rhyme, every chord
And save it for her.

If I could make time unwind
I would have given it all to her.
I am but a glass half empty.
What was left, was not enough.
My love is worth less because I had loved before.
Aidan A
Written by
Aidan A  24/M/Malaysia
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