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Oct 2017
Such a little baby,
So green and so small,
Think of how crazy,
No one wants her at all.

Some say that she’s vile,
Some say that she’s cruel,
But all the while,
This just gives her more fuel.

Though all the things said,
The girl does not *****,
All this has led,
To a knife in her back!

They say that she’s wicked,
It’s chaos they’ve brought,
Her aura is livid,
Wicked’s something she’s not!

She is not all these things,
Her compassion shines true,
All the hurt that it brings,
Makes her look like a fool.

In a panic and a hurry,
Her whole life is changed,
The girl now must scurry,
In fear of being caged.

She runs and she flies,
To a place far away,
For herself now she cries,
She’s safe for the day.

No one is born wicked,
It’s something you become,
Though she’s been afflicted,
She is still full of love.
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