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Oct 2017
A girl with an eating disorder
With a monster trapped inside her
Drowning in a world of
Diet Pills
And perfection
Trying to reach out
And find the help that she so desperately needs
But instead she is met with
Disbelieving, supportive parents
Distrustful, but sometimes helpful staff
And anorexic, bulimic girls
Just like her
Girls along the same journey she is
On the road to recovery
Some get better
Some give up
Because you can not help a person
who does not want to be helped
It is not easy
Will never be easy
But she must push through the pain and suffering
Just like you and I have to
wrote this for a reading challenge at my school. inspired by J. J. Johnson's Believarexic (such a good book def recommend)
Zoe Byrd
Written by
Zoe Byrd  F/US
   Lior Gavra
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