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Oct 2017
Do you know solitude like I do -
In which that good morning text doesnt come,
And it feels like the sun itself didn't rise?
That is how the last few days have been
Without you or your words or the thought
That you're there, I'm afraid of the notion
That you no longer care, emotion
We once had for each other
Dissipates into thin air...

Except that isn't true, I still feel
Deeply about my love for you.
I know things haven't been going well
And theres only so much I can do
From a thousand miles away -
An entire world too far from you.
I still listen to the song you wrote
For me, I play it back to back and hope
You still mean every word you sang.

Do you remember that night
Where we fell asleep in each others arms?
A dreamless night was a dream come true
I think about it all the time -
It only makes me hope that you
Will love me once again, the way that you do
I'd trade 6 months in Sydney to relive
That single night with you.

When Tuesday comes, I'm scared
You'll say that you don't need me
The way I need you, all I can do
Is hope that you come back to me.

I miss the way we'd game online
And end the night with a call
The way I feel when you call me "***"
And telling you that I love you
I miss the little pokes on facebook,
Our ****** snaps to each other
The longing for December,
The thought of seeing you again
How we'd talk about getting married,
The idea of three lifetimes with you,
Spending one as birds.
I miss it all.

Do you still see a future with me,
The way I see one with you?
Do you still think about me
Throughout the day,
The way I think 'bout you?
***** tough, guys
Aidan A
Written by
Aidan A  24/M/Malaysia
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