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Aug 2017
I feel trapped

trapped in time

time moves so slowly and there is no way of escaping it

you want to be in the past

too bad

you want to be in the future


time moves at whatever pace it pleases

and you have nothing to do about it

its like a train, there isnt even a bus driver to yell at

even worse the train moves at weird paces

sometimes its lightning fast

and other times its the slowest thing ever

most of the time for me its the slowest thing

because im done

but time says im not

im ready for kids and a family of my own that i love

but im not there yet

time wont let me be there yet
i feel like time is a cage that i cant escape. its one of my biggest struggles because the only way to fight it is to be patient and let it think its winning
Written by
     Dami, AM, Yue Wang Yidhna, --- and Cinzia
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