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Jan 2018
What do you feel when you touch her?

You should feel the softness of her skin, mixed with the prickles of her newly growing hair. You should feel her eyelashes and locks of hair graze your cheeks as her soft lips meet yours. You should feel the curvature of her spine and the arch of her back as her chest rises and falls with each breath.

If you can feel her physical body with the touch of your hand, what more can you feel in your heart from the very essence of her soul?

Adhere to this, my dear boy, for you need understand a woman's body is sacred. Feel in your fingertips her skin, but feel in your heart the warmth of her soul and her beating heart that aches for you. Touch her with delicacy and care, for she is a flower, still in bloom. Her body is her temple, her fortress, and by entering, you receive a piece of her heart that is a foundation upon which that temple is built. Reciprocate this, and open your heart to her just as well, as your bodies collide and souls intertwine. The passion between two lovers will surely then create harmony within both of you alike.
written in early 2017, during my healing process in response to being sexually assaulted-- with the intention of addressing the sacredness of intimacy, and what it is meant to be, rather than how people may corrupt it by using it to inflict pain.
Written by
Alana Cartwright  19/F
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