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Jun 2017
Bullying, taking advantage of people, dishonesty, murders, killings, abuses
All sorts of violence
That can be seen all around
Humans fill the crowd
Yet humanity can no where be found

Since when did guns represent peace?
When did we start accepting this?
When did we start taking it as a norm?
All this violence and injustices they just don't make sense
Humanity has come a long way just to go back to being uncivilized animals full of hatred and eager desires to ****

Even that man who worked so hard to give his family a meal
What did he do to deserve this?
Who's behind this? The police? A random bystander? Somebody in power?
We'll never know, we'll never have the answer
Because he's been kept shut forever

Everyone talks about peace and how badly we need it
Yet no one wants to put the gun down,
No one wants to listen to this town
This town has shut its ears from the voices that long for peace and justice
The broken promises and crooked ways of peace
This town has been made to believe
That violence can be stopped and peace can be achieved
By holding a gun in our hands and being the bullies we don't need

Don't you hear that sound?
The desperate calls, desperate pleas that surround
Put the gun down, turn this around

Use your voice, use it as your weapon of choice
Use your voice, use your words to advocate love
Violence and hatred must be stopped
Bring humanity back
Love, respect, and faith that's what we lack

Put the gun down, turn this around
Because guns never meant peace
Violence is not the answer to this
So put the gown down, turn this around
Fight for peace, for justice, and for unity
Save this town
Gwyn Biliran
Written by
Gwyn Biliran  25/F/Manila
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