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Mariah Cuch Jul 2019
Reflected in your face
I found solace
Tear worn weathered creases
Pools of pain from eyes that didn’t fade

Resonated from your voice
I found solace
Deep and ancient as the deserts of your home so far away

Radiance from your soul
I found solace
Mariah Cuch May 2019
Wake my embers
Set the waves of my soul to song
That the fire rises

Wake my embers
Set the storm of my heart to song
That the fire rises

Wake my embers
Set the pulse of my blood to boil
That together we rise
Mariah Cuch May 2019
I wore sadness like perfume.
It’s false shadow of the memory of you, hung stale.

It’s presence seeped deep within, hidden in familiarity to my fractures, which called to it.

Mountains of granite knew such forces, drawn from within, resistant to very nature of being.

Servant to the promise of pressure only love could provide, I broke.

Shattered to memory as your fragrance returned to you, only grasped in last moments.

Again, I was naked as birth and only lingered my own familiar scent.
Mariah Cuch May 2019
Binary, all creation is binary.
Set from beginning of one and zero.
One the singer.
Zero the song.
First singer, bore light and dark.
First song, the song of creation.
Manilla Road Day 3
Mariah Cuch May 2019
His joy bound into this word under July stars.
Born of joy and light that even the grey skies opened to welcome him.

Thirty nine years long his path, the last seven, pain and exhaustion.  His last light flickered out with a tangerine spark and a flash of electric blue butterflies

"I will find your words, your people and your path.  No deed of your life unfolded.  Forever my brother, go it's okay."

Unbound I stood under florescent hospital light, again a weeping child who had welcomed her baby brother with joy, weeping with fare-well.  Facing the Manila Road one path complete and one the life yet lived.
Continuing my brother's path, again returning to writing and following his example:  Day 1, May 1st, 2019:  THE MANILA ROAD    
Mariah Cuch Jul 2017
Dance me to sleep
Where you and I are one

Dance me to dawn
To my waking ache

Without you in my day
Dance me to dreams
Mariah Cuch Jul 2017
Held in a moment I am Earth
Living, breathing .... Eternal

Held in a moment I am Fire
Sparking, dewdling.... Eternal

Held in a moment I am Metal
Harden, soften.... Eternal

Held in a moment I am Water
Flowing, rising... Eternal

Held in a moment I am Air
Constant, flying... Eternal

Held in your arms I am flesh
Moments Eternal
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