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May 2017
ℜ𝔎ð”Đð”Đð”Ķð”Ŧð”Ī 𝔞ð”Ŋ𝔎ð”ēð”Ŧð”Ą ð”Ķð”Ŧ ð”ąð”Ĩð”Ē
ð”–ð”ąð”Ķ𝔠ð”Ļð”Ķð”Ŧð”Ē𝔰𝔰 ð”ąð”Ĩð”žð”ą ð”Ģ𝔎ð”Ŋ𝔊𝔰
𝔄 ð”Īð”Ēð”Đð”žð”ąð”Ķð”Ŧ𝔎ð”ē𝔰 𝔟ð”Đ𝔎𝔟
𝔒ð”Ŧ ð”ąð”Ĩð”Ē ð”Ÿð”Žð”ąð”ąð”Žð”Š 𝔰ð”Ĩð”Ēð”Đð”Ģ
𝔒ð”Ģ ð”ąð”Ĩð”Ē ð”Ģð”Ŋð”Ķð”Ąð”Īð”Ē
ℑ𝔰 ð”ąð”Ĩð”Ē ð”īð”Ķð”Ŧð”Ē ð”īð”Ē 𝔰ð”ī𝔎ð”Ŋð”Ē ð”īð”Ē'ð”Ą ð”Ąð”Ŋð”Ķð”Ŧð”Ļ
𝔈ð”ģð”Ēð”Ŋð”ķ ð”īð”Ēð”Ēð”Ļð”Ēð”Ŧð”Ą 𝔰ð”Ķð”Ŧ𝔠ð”Ē 𝔉ð”Ē𝔟ð”Ŋð”ē𝔞ð”Ŋð”ķ
ℭð”ķð”Ŧð”Ķ𝔠𝔞ð”Đð”Đð”ķ 𝔞ð”ī𝔞ð”Ķð”ąð”Ķð”Ŧð”Ī 𝔠𝔎ð”Ŧ𝔰ð”ēð”Šð”­ð”ąð”Ķ𝔎ð”Ŧ
The History: I wanted a good, but cheap Moscato. You bought a couple that left a dryness in my throat before we found the one. Another February rolled around, and for my birthday you bought it. We used to get a bottle, go down to the beach and sit on the lifeguard tower with some of my homemade alfredo. That bottle left with me, if I remember correctly.
Written by
jĮŦrð  23/F/United States
(23/F/United States)   
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