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Mar 2017
Dear Whoever You Are,

You will look in my eyes and see the mountains I have conquered
You will see how broken I had to be gain the fire you see
Yes I am the furthest thing from perfect
I am a work in progress
I am such a child right now
I thought I could find you at the bottom of a bottle
I tried searching for you for so long I began to hate myself
It literally just made me bitter and frustrated
I almost convinced myself I could drown my demons
But thank god for showing me the light was inside me all along
So I am trying my hardest to get the light from inside me outside

I am back to being me and no longer a shell of myself
I started working out so I can protect you
I am doing well in school so I can provide for you
I am accepting my past so I can be ready for our future
I have stop drinking so I can be there for you
I escaped a job that just caused me anxiety
I can finally sleep instead of being strung out on caffeine
I believe I am finally doing all the things I need to do
I am moving forward and no longer looking backwards

So please whatever you are doing right now don't stop moving forward
Every time you feel like you cant go any further just do it
I am begging you to take that next step
I don't care if it leads you into trouble
Because at least you are moving forward
Every step forward is another step towards us being together

                                                       ­                                                      Sincerely,
                                                      ­                                          Alexander Leino
Alexander Daniel
Written by
Alexander Daniel  Michigan
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