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Mar 2017
If I could **** a memory
I'd **** the ones of you and me
Cause honestly,
none of them are worth remembering.

The good ones make me smile
but they call my heart a liar
And besides they were just a short reprieve

The bad ones keep me up at night
Wishing I could set things right
And they just cut me deeper still

I only stayed because I'm a sucker for a heart that needs healing

If I could **** a memory
would you let me sleep in peace
Would you please leave my dreams
and let me be.
Has anyone else ever had that one person that you know isn't good for you and never will be but you can't help but think about them and the way you wish things could have been?
Matthew A Cain
Written by
Matthew A Cain  23/M/St. Louis, Mo
(23/M/St. Louis, Mo)   
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