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Feb 2017
You've been popping up all over the place
but for all my memories, where did you go?

Can't bring myself to say
what you want to hear,
my life is not what you had in mind.
There's a part of me
that feels I owe you nothing,

the part that parted

and doesn't know you.
As if it all wasn't in the same breath already.

But today is just like the rest of my daze

just a cherried wick, till I'm gone
in a puff of smoke.

And yeah, it's been cold enough
to see my own breath.
So I've started to make sure I keep a pack of friends around.
But I can't tell whose breath
I'm conjuring, leaving it
to hang among regret and confusion

and there you are again.
A work in progress, but I don't feel like I'll change anything until I've put it up
Written by
Mike  Washington
     J, Lior Gavra and Pax
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