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Dec 2016
Truth conspires to unravel my careful planting
of my garden of deception
every blossom screams your name,
every stone trips a hazard in your honor
the brooke whispers your name incessantly
your truth dances on the edges of my lips,
so desperately close to leaping into the world as an earth shattering revelation!
no thorns or barbs dare grow,
the sunlight streams though illuminating your presence
there is no hiding from you
I crave to sing the song of truth in my heart
dance the deepest confessions to light
cut down every twisted vine tangled up in my web of lies
I crave, I pine, I anguish
yet I tarry,
frozen in time the shell only recognizes obligation
thankful for your warmth
I move on and tend the garden
as if you never existed
cockle shells in a row,
only they know.
S Smoothie
Written by
S Smoothie
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