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Oct 2016
"I have to unlove you a little," the girl said as she put her pen down.
He replied: why would you ever?
"I have to save my love for you; I have to save it for future days."
He frowned. "It sounds like you're saying goodbye. As if one day your feelings for me will disappear because of having loved me too much this very moment."
She shook her head. "I don't think I'll ever stop loving you though, if I give you just small amounts of it everyday. But you, would you still be the same, even if I cut down on the amount I usually give per day?"
He understood where she was going. "As long as you give me love, even down to the tiniest drop of it, I'll still love you all the same. And when you run out of it and can give no more, that's when I'll refill you with all the love you have filled me up with after all this time."
"One can never really run out of love, can they? Give or take. It's still love."
"Love is love-- give or take, small or big; doesn't matter as long as it exists-- if it's you I'm loving."
wjh--sometimes i ask myself, when will i know when is the right time to stop loving you? or will i continue this? i dont know. and this writing feels so random, like there isn't really a conclusion, i suppose. but i felt the need to jot it down. maybe i can write a second part after when I'm sure with my love for you.
Written by
Lunar  23/seaside soul
(23/seaside soul)   
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