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Sep 2016
I met a devil with blue eyes,
Who wanted a girl that prayed for Satan,
The fall of a believer empowered his lies,
He'd line up the prayers and then rate them.

I met a devil with no horns,
With the power to paralyze by touch,
His shell lures in the one who mourns,
His cracks are filled by blinding too much.

I met a devil with helping hands,
Which he often used for pointing fingers,
His words were accusations and demands,
The heat rises for anyone who lingers.

I met a devil with false promises,
That he made to capture my soul,
It's the bait that covers his emptiness,
Once you know you're following, you crawl.

I met a devil with fires inside,
First warm, then burning 'till they'd pierce,
But he was cold even when I fried,
Still I saw the love as all that's fierce.

I met a devil with planned tears,
Carrying such evil no drop should hold,
He turned my care into aching fears,
I turned my head where he controlled.

I met a devil who never met me*,
All he created and knew was debris,
I shine too bright for hell to see,
He's forever down under and I am free!
Irma Gracic
Written by
Irma Gracic
     Blue, Luisa and Doug Potter
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