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  Jul 29 Blue
You make me want to tell stories.

With such fluidity,
such grace,
my words are dancers
spinning in space.
They're airy
and light
floating on by.
No weight to them
at all.
Follow the path
I lead you on
and don't ever stray.
My words are
you from pain.

You make me want to tell stories.
  Jul 29 Blue
elle jaxsun
i always have
the urge to run.

but what is it like
to be a tree?

to be confident enough
to root yourself
and grow with
wild abandonment,
being unapologetically

i'm still running,
but i wish i knew.
  Jul 27 Blue
m h John
i spent my life trying to please
someone with a twisted disease
i broke myself down
and tucked my feelings away
to become the person
they wanted me to be
i let myself be watched
through the glass of a two sided mirror
of a sociopath
i wallowed my spirit away
and begged for acceptance
but there’s nothing in the world
that i could do
to let the narcissist know
that i am human too
the only thing that can please a narcissist is being miserable
  Jul 27 Blue
CryBaby Di
"Loving her was a deadly form of self destruction,
with salt being poured on open wounds of depression.
Her introduction leaves unforgettable impression,
being the art of seduction.
A master of manipulation.
Life as you know it will be long gone before you can even start to taste her deception.
It's toxic girls like her that will never go out of style,
when you live in a world that everyone is selfish and no one is reliable.
Where we end up sharing beds with our own enemies,
and mostly each friend we make will soon be just another rival.
I myself am not perfect,
but I am authentic,
and the only thing I'm ever faking
is my smile"
  Jul 27 Blue
Now that I know what
This means you can't do it to
My brain anymore
It is a psychological manipulation tactic where an 'abuser' makes intended 'victim' think they are crazy so they inherently cannot trust their own judgement/instinct. Pretty ****** up right? Don't let people do this to you!! It's common in physically and mentally abusive relationships! Yes there is such a thing as mentally abusive. Sometimes it's even worse than physical and this is coming from someone with experience with both..
  Jul 27 Blue
Living for your twisted amusement
I am taking risk after risk
To be friends like I promised
Help you find happiness

When I was your girl that seemed simple
Had it figured out
Life took the things I knew about you
Replaced them with a load of doubt

It all happened within my reach
I was too slow to turn the tides
Losing all I clutched close to my heart
When I wouldn't loosen my grip time pried

Those who predicted our demise
Lifted their gaze to point and laugh
In that position I realized something
I was meant to grow from this mishap

It was a part of my journey
The truth was made openly clear
Dark clouds loomed over  sweet perfection
Horizon no longer smudged by denial and fear

Senses aren't functioning very well
In the center of your games
This place I recognize without hesitation
I sit and strategize methods to break the chains

There is no hand to conquer
Though this chess match was fun
I've learned you never play fair
You just cheat and cheat until you've won
It seems like everyone plays games nowadays
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