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Aug 2016
As I sit here on my patio
Watching the cars go by.
I think how peaceful this day is
As I see the USA FLAG flying high
Then inside I go, turn on the news...
And ask myself...WHY, WHY, WHY...
Do I watch this news
There is nothing good to hear
Another shooting,
Another storm, fires
and politics...WHY, WHY, WHY...
Hilary hates Trump and
Trump hates Hilary
We already know that
Isn't there something good to share?
I guess it doesn't help
To have ABC and CBS news apps
On my phone....ALERTS, ALERTS, ALERTS...
ooops there goes one now...
Catch ya later...

Life was so simple back when we didn't hear everything per news media.
Written by
Judypatooote  ohio
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