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Jul 2016
She played me as always her lies had become a constant and I no longer questioned if they were truths anymore.

She needed to look down on someone the spoiled always do .
Once I was her fix to ******* daddy now I was simply her crutch .

Look at what I tolerate he's a drunk
He is lazy won't work all he does is stay out all night he's such a *******!

She needed someone to blame someone to make her appear less of a train wreck than she truly was.

She was a first rate **** .
Maybe that's why I liked her so very much.

She always was the victim of a nonexistent crime .
The lover of empty words .
And the destroyer of mine.

There's no hell just people trapped inside prisons of there own creation.
Mind **** ******* like myself misreble and doing nothing to change the course.

It was one in the morning when the phone rang.
Hey can I come over she asked .
I've really missed you I'm sorry I've been such a ***** .

I paused for a moment saying nothing I simply hung up and took the phone off the hook.

Looks like I decided to take another road instead .
Vicious Circle
Written by
Vicious Circle  Many Locations
(Many Locations)   
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