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Jul 2016
"No no... please don't die... please don't sigh like the wretched demise."

"Please survive, please don't surmise but rather survive! Live on, even if your own body dies. Even if your hand can no longer reach mine, I shall hold on tight. I shall reach for it, so don't cry. Please... don't die!"

"I saw that last tear in your eye, a tear of despair and demise. I saw that look on your face, that look in your eyes... quite shy of the times. But I must go onto a brighter plane. But please don't drown in shame. Like you said, death is also a mercy... so no one is to blame, but rather thank."

"You are right, but I was a fool for believing so. I was just a girl in an empty and reluctant world. Trying to find purpose, and another pearl. It's shaped round, and shines brighter than a silver crown. And you were the one to drop that pearl and look like a clown. And I was the one to grasp it and look like a crowned."

"And now you will be the one to hold onto it. Hold it tight, think it as the truth. Because for both of us know, that it has shined brighter than the radiant stars in the densely lit night. But I must leave now my dear, it was nice snuggling within your reality, but now I must pass onto your dreams, so please don't bother, but rather live on and prosper. And make that the last thing you ponder."

"No... No! Don't die! Please survive, please live on! Please, I don't want to be alone on this aisle. I want to feel your ecstatic pulses! I want to feel your elegant soft palms! I want to be within your grasp forevermore! ...Please! I just want another encore! I refuse to let your spirit die sore. Please, just another encore... PLEASE, JUST ONCE MORE. I DEMAND AN ENCORE. I DEMAND YOUR SWORD. I NEED... I need... i need... a sword. Because a shield is nothing without a sword..."
Trevon Ray
Written by
Trevon Ray  CT
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