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Trevon Ray Sep 2016
Embrace the Dark: Meaning to accept the dark emotions that have surfaced from within me.

You Call a Home: Meaning the source of my darkness is from my very own homestead. Even though I know it’s full of darkness, I still remain within it… which means it’s possible that I’m unknowingly embracing it.

Gaze Upon an Empty White Throne: Meaning the absence of my Father which would be considered a white throne due to the fact of the mystery surrounding his sudden disappearance, however my Mother has already claimed the black throne due to her sheer ruthless, terrorizing, abusive, arrogant, dark and sinister personality complex.

A Legacy of Lies: I know nothing of my past. No family tree or anything, just… blank. Almost as if all of my ancestors were erased from existence. Also the fact of not knowing what truly happened to my Father, and the constant fear that my life has just been a mountain of lies and deceit is a legacy of fear I feel almost every day.

A Familiar Disguise: Me sealing away who I truly am inside to please the people around me. It’s a familiar disguise because it is used constantly and in a variety of different ways depending on the person being spoken to from my point of view. Also me trying to hide from the past I’ve forged into my family’s legacy forever…

Sing With Me a Song: Me pleading the people around me to sing along to the deceit I announce. Begging them to sing with me the song of despair and malfunctioned personal identity… who am I anymore anyway?

Of Conquest and Fate: Me forging a conquest to eliminate all opposing opposition within the workforce to make sure I arrive on top… even though my morality simply won’t allow that to happen… it’s a tragic yet fair-hearted fate I’ve created for myself.

The Black Pillar Cracks: Me feeling the dark impulse about to crack through my sealing black pillar. The fact that I’ve been trying to hold back my anger and frustration for a considerably long and exhausting time, but regardless of how much I try to resist it’s just cracks ever more… eventually it’ll break beneath it’s devastating weight.

Beneath its Weight: The overwhelming burden of anger and hatred within said pillar. There’s only so much weight my pillar can bear, and one day I will eventually break into a thousand stuttering pieces of hate.

Night Breaks Through the Day: The feeling of purpose I have at night, but emptiness I feel in the day. I feel as if the sunlight is slowly drenching my soul in Hell’s everlasting flames making these… emotions within me weigh even more heavily… showing that when night finally comes, it breaks me from the horrific day.

Hard as a Stone: This shows me that the night fills me with enough inspiration and will that it would be considered as hard as a stone because of that, even though the night is simply the rotating retreat from the densely lit Sun.

Lost in Thoughts: The fact that I enjoy writing. The fact that I am writing this right now. I am completely lost in thought, and wish to place said thoughts onto paper. All of the pain I feel… all of the emptiness and mystery surrounding my history and my life… it’s just so overbearing. Sometimes I wish I was simply single-minded and ignorant. Life would’ve gone way smoothly for me that way, just like it has for the rest of my family.

All Alone: I am all alone. I haven’t met a “true friend” in what seems like ages. I’ve never been in a relationship because I fear relationships. I fear the fact of being bound to someone else and making “exceptions” for some of the things they do that I completely know is wrong, and it just feels selfish in a way to me, therefore I seclude and mask a majority of my true self from the real world.
Personal Notes: But my words don’t even matter to many. What words that truly matter are “yours” in the end, after all, you are the ones to decide your very own “fate” (unless your fate intertwines with another’s). Regardless of everything I’ve said thus far, I’d still will respect you as long as you’re being true to yourself. Because if you aren’t… you’re still immature. If you want to mature, be true to yourself. Even if you may look “goofy” and or “childish” in the end, you’re being you, and that’s enough to prove that you’ve matured.
Trevon Ray Sep 2016
If a blade were to be broken into two separate pieces, which part of the blade would be considered duller?

The part still attached to it's holster?

Or the one broken free of it?
Trevon Ray Aug 2016
Your family will always be your first line of defense.
If you don't have family then your independence shall be your second.
But if you have obtained a lover let them be your shield and you the sword.

Because a Sword is nothing without a Shield.
Trevon Ray Jul 2016
"No no... please don't die... please don't sigh like the wretched demise."

"Please survive, please don't surmise but rather survive! Live on, even if your own body dies. Even if your hand can no longer reach mine, I shall hold on tight. I shall reach for it, so don't cry. Please... don't die!"

"I saw that last tear in your eye, a tear of despair and demise. I saw that look on your face, that look in your eyes... quite shy of the times. But I must go onto a brighter plane. But please don't drown in shame. Like you said, death is also a mercy... so no one is to blame, but rather thank."

"You are right, but I was a fool for believing so. I was just a girl in an empty and reluctant world. Trying to find purpose, and another pearl. It's shaped round, and shines brighter than a silver crown. And you were the one to drop that pearl and look like a clown. And I was the one to grasp it and look like a crowned."

"And now you will be the one to hold onto it. Hold it tight, think it as the truth. Because for both of us know, that it has shined brighter than the radiant stars in the densely lit night. But I must leave now my dear, it was nice snuggling within your reality, but now I must pass onto your dreams, so please don't bother, but rather live on and prosper. And make that the last thing you ponder."

"No... No! Don't die! Please survive, please live on! Please, I don't want to be alone on this aisle. I want to feel your ecstatic pulses! I want to feel your elegant soft palms! I want to be within your grasp forevermore! ...Please! I just want another encore! I refuse to let your spirit die sore. Please, just another encore... PLEASE, JUST ONCE MORE. I DEMAND AN ENCORE. I DEMAND YOUR SWORD. I NEED... I need... i need... a sword. Because a shield is nothing without a sword..."
Trevon Ray Jul 2016
Light.... what is it?
Is light as holy as we proclaim it to be?
All I see light as is an illusion... a barrier, it's not necessarily evil, nor can it do any good.
It blinds us from the darkness... the truth that lingers within the shadows.
The darkness is abused, exploited... this is why the light tries to blind us with it's blinding rays.
So WE, as humans don't exploit the truth for our own selfish greed.
This is why laws were created.
This is why law enforcers were formed.
This is why law enforcement are scrutinized.
This is why... many criminals do what they do.
They seek the truth, but seeking the truth can also corrupt you.

So you choose, light or darkness?
But regardless of your choice, you will always be "you".

— The End —