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Jun 2016
I know you're somewhere out there, laying in bed without me.
My heart is silently cracking.
As my tears drown me in my room.
Do you still love me?
I still love you
I can't breathe, my heart overthrew my brain a long time ago.
Now they're constantly at war as I tear my self apart. Every tear is truly my fault.
The pain is too much for me, can we just snuggle for the night?
Or maybe just until my hands get warmer.
And my heart starts it's regular pace once more?
I miss you.
I'm not sure as to whether or not you still miss me, because after all I was the one who broke it.
I tore your heart to pieces as my mind crashed.
Should I call?
No. The sound of your voice to my ear will be overwhelming.
I don't want you to know how weak I am.
I don't want you to know of the fault that lie in my plan.
I messed up.
Are those the correct words that I am supposed to use?
I still love you.
And though I seemed so confident, I broke down as soon as I was out of the door.
And with each day alone my heart is slowly breaking, like a wine glass being dropped onto the pavement.
Please save me
I know I'm not one for asking, but you have my heart in a knot and my mind scrambled like puzzle pieces.
I remembered the day so vividly.
I'm at the beach dancing in my overused sweater though it's the coldest night of winter , there you sit, trying to get the sand out of your shoe. You look up at me."You're truly beautiful." You said at a random.
And even thinking about it now makes my heart clench and my bones shatter as I sit in this dark bedroom.
Ripping myself into pieces, as I relive the memories we once shared.
I'm still in love with you
Tamia Garner
Written by
Tamia Garner  Dalton
     Lior Gavra, Mack, Randy Mcpeek and The Dedpoet
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