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Jun 2016
When the salt chuck was mine
I promised to dance as the ocean waves on the smiles you grant

For the sea I was a trap of destiny
To the sand I was too slippery to stamp

I embraced the wind bearing the taste of brine
I rendered a pledge from your bright eyes into the sea’s chant

Every edge of this tedious isle
You were the unending aria

At dawn, you would passionately rip the queen conch
The hush of the gale would turn into wail

The sun would set as the shore would reflect
Your voice a ditty, a glassy reverie

When the hurricane arrived
You were carried away by fright

A zephyr into a whirlwind
Drawing abyssal rumpus into ordeal

I tried to hold your hand tight
But you whispered “this is what it’s supposed to be”

You carved the salt into your skin- a sight of crystalline art
And breathed “i found a better shore than your stormy coast”

It was only a sojourn you said
So you left my briny, dull and murky

The salt chuck was a wreck
The queen conch was whacked
To Adrianne who left my heart shattered for he fell in love with his best friend.
Cee Ching
Written by
Cee Ching
     Lior Gavra and ---
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