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Jun 2016
The hair on my head has never been touched by you.
Every couple years we gain new cells and skin too.
One day I will never have been touched by you.
One day you won't know me.
I'll only be a distant memory.
Let me fade into the background of your mind.
You don't need me in your life.
Please move on.
I'm not the girl you used to know,
I'm a woman now.
Full grown.
You were always full of lies.
Your butterflies have morphed into nothing more but flies.
I wish you would leave.
My eyes are dry can't you see?
When I see your face or the back of your head,
My heart starts to pound.
Not in love or excitement.
But in a nervous, anxious, fright.
Your memories are lost in the depths of my mind.
But when anyone mentions your name...
They crash forward like a tidal wave.
All the laughs and smiles...
All the lies and cries...
The hurt.
The betrayal.
One day...
You will have never touched me.
Let me fade in your memories.
I'm new.
I'm not the girl you used to know.
I'm a woman now.
Full grown.
No longer naive.
Or filled with silly dreams.
My hair you once touched...
Long chopped off.
And in another couple of years,
My cells and skin will be new too.
One day I will have a body you have never touched.
So let me fade in your memory.
I'm not the girl you used to know.
I'm a woman now.
Full grown.
Lindsey Nicole Isbell
Written by
Lindsey Nicole Isbell  20/F
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